The Secret of the Animal Fortress

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And when these artisans first fled France for England and Holland, then left Europe for America, they carried with them both their skills and their doctrine of artisanal security. In the last adventure, at the end Sir Gilbert uses Mira's feather, to restore the land, so now your back in the same place, to take care of the Phantom fortress.

I find it kinda weird there is no Easy or Hard difficulty, on the newest adventures. First you find this giant footprint!

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Made by the Phantom Fortress. Then you talk to Sir Gilbert, who is holding back a Phantom scouting party, and then sends you to put up banners in the meadow, to call random troops that were just hiding in the trees XD. In the trees below where I am there is a secret tunnel! Go down the whole way, and then right, and you get an item! If you don't get an item from that one then go into the tunnel to the left!

The Secret of the Animal Fortress

When you get all the troupes, the phantoms scouts retreat. Then Sir G tells you to go find Cosmo, you have to go back to find him, back at the Phantom Fortress leg.

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The Secret of the Animal Fortress [Nicholaus Rich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rich, Nicholaus. In the vast emptiness of space lies in limbo a semismall planet. The planet is peaceful and quiet. Evil forces, though, has a different plan for this planet.

Cosmo makes some vines appear to help keep the leg in place so it can't move again, but he doesn't think it's enough, so he wants you to climb up the leg, and shut it off. To get up, you have to get water, there is water to your left. By the way, water the buds on the left, the ones on the right just led you to a bud, that gives you 5 gems.

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On top of that first leg, there is a little thing you have to do, to get the power to the swish,. The switch, makes it so the leg can't move, and by the way don't bother going on the platforms, until you have both legs shut down. Then go a little down on the vines, and go to the second leg, to the left is the water, and also a Tiger passage. Anyway to the same thing with the second leg, it's the same, but at the top there is a Phantom Watcher so look out! After you throw the switch, and walk through the door, your in a different part of the Phantom Fortress, but still now inside, in fact you don't even go inside I don't think, what's up with that!?

It comes in these eight color varieties. This Week.

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Every Sunday, we go back in time to Jamaa's past to find out what happened this week in Animal Jam's history. This Week in Jamaa's History:. Anyone else with me?

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In this game you can challenge buddies and others in this skills test! The Alphas had just found mysterious puzzle on their adventures. This puzzle turned out to be a new heartstone belonging to pigs! Pigs were then eventually released. This same week, Hyenas returned to Jamaa.

Darling Snowyspirit has been granted a Second Chance with yesterday's twist That means they are back in the competition, and safe for this round! Also, remember that DJ Happy Pet is still safe until the next round too. This final adventure ends the phantom troubles and hopefully enters a new wave of adventures to come!

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Click the banner above to see information and prizes you could get in this new adventure. Labels: animal jam , This Week. Gfox Aj May 7, at AM. Lizzy cora May 7, at AM. Bubbub May 7, at AM.

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The switch, makes it so the leg can't move, and by the way don't bother going on the platforms, until you have both legs shut down. I really like Storming The Fortress! Please do not spark any drama. Over two hundred rock and mineral types can appear, in their proper geological environments. This green and purple thing, is a Phantom watcher.