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Revista de la Biblioteca Nacional , II 6 , Viedma, A. Villarino Buenos Aires: Editorial Continente. Villarino, B. Diario de la descubierta al Rio Colorado. Legajo Diario del piloto de la Real Armada D. Alonso, G. Bianchi Villelli, M. Archivos virtuales de la alteridad americana 3 1. Del Rosario Barrera Rivera, M.

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El caso de los archivos judiciales federales: VII Coloquio de Ingreso. De Paula, A. Enrique, L. Universidad de Buenos Aires. II Taller de Historia Regional. En prensa. Revista Fronteras de la Historia , 15 2 , - Entraigas, R. Farge, A. Gentinetta, M. Prohistoria , 19, Harley, J.

Rereading the Maps of de Columbian Encounter. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 82 3 , Irurtia, P. Luiz, M. Investigaciones y ensayos , 46, Revista de Historia Naval , 71, Nacuzzi, L. Identidades impuestas. Tehuelches, aucas y pampas en el norte de la Patagonia. Nacuzzi Comp. Visacovsky y R. Guber Comps. Buenos Aires: Antropofagia. Publicar , X, Memoria Americana - Cuadernos de Etnohistoria , 3, Buenos Aires. Necker, L. Ethnologica Helvetica Diachronica , 8, Oliver, E. Los enemigos del papel.

Ciencia Hoy , 5 29 mayo-junio. Penhos, M. Ver, conocer, dominar. Revel, J. Anuario del IEHS , 10, Robledano Arillo, J. Cita sus experiencias de vida, da consejos, putea a quien se le cruce. A very small film crew moves through the corridors of the Rawson Hospital. She talks about her life experiences, gives advice and swears at whoever comes her way. The camera captures her directly and naturally, without conditioning her, letting feelings flow. La Raulito, golpes bajos is an unprecedented x-ray of an Argentine trapped between the walls of a neuropsychiatric, where even death seems to make sense.

Y yo, que soy muy curioso, me puse a investigar hasta dar con su paradero. In a gathering with friends, people started to wonder what happened to La Raulito. Being a very curious person, I started to investigate until I discovered her whereabouts. She had been transferred from the Moyano hospital to the Rawson Hospital. A few days before her 72nd birthday, I was told her epilepsy had gotten worse.

Más allá del invierno [In the Midst of Winter]

I took my camera and invited myself to her birthday. She was happy to see me, glad that someone remembered her, besides the Boca Juniors fans who adore her. I was impressed by the way in which she opened up and shared intimacies I never would have thought she would reveal, by the benevolent being she carries inside, in spite of having led a life full of punches below the belt.

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Program: Doctoral Fellow. Modelos urbanos en Literatura Comparada. In , an error in Paula's medication resulted in severe brain damage, leaving her in a persistent vegetative state. Shows definite wear, and perhaps considerable marking on inside. Al Final Todo Fue

In , he directed his first feature film, the documentary : Tango or Death He is currently working on his third film, La difunta. This film meant for me an unique opportunity to tell one of the most astounding stories of the Twentieth Century, with a level of insight no one has had ever before. Huacho is divided into four parts, one for each of the members of a lower class rural family of Chillan grandmother, grandfather, daughter and grandson. The film portrays their activities during 24 hours: agriculture, production and sale of foodstuffs, services, school life.

An observational movie which cares for its characters and a neorealist film which keeps its distance, Huacho is much more than what its extremes suggest. He was also a photographer, film critic and music videos director. A few years ago, Colombian cinema entered a period of growth, brought about by the Film Law of A new generation of film directors has increasingly started to explore long postponed regions, subjects and genres.

And, first and foremost, with the unique sounds of the coastal culture, a cross of hypnotic drums and a sometimes melancholic, and other times possibly possessed, accordions. After making several awarded short films Alma, in ; Intento, in , he wrote, produced and directed his feature film debut The Wandering Shadows , selected by more than 50 international film festivals, including the 20th Mar del Plata Film Fest. The Wind Journeys is the first Colombian picture screened at Cannes in the last three decades.

A View from Abroad

Y al final, el principio. This is the story of a journey. A journey toward the beginning, toward the spirit. Toward our soul. Toward the one thing that merged our white, native and black root into something unique. Unique, like the music that was born.

Now it is time to ask what brings us together. Together with them in the discovery of a new world, of new adventures, of a new soul. And at the end: the beginning. And another journey. Daniel y Ana son hermanos. Pertenecen a una familia mexicana muy acomodada e influyente. Daniel and Ana are brother and sister and belong to a very well-off and influential Mexican family.

He is 16 and she is 23, and in spite of the age difference, they have an excellent relationship, almost as if they were best friends. Ana is going to get married in four months, and her brother, as well as the rest of the family, is excited about the wedding and getting ready for the event. One Sunday morning, both of them are kidnapped. They simply place a video camera in front of a bed and force the siblings to obey if they want to save their lives.

Back home, without agreeing on it, they keep what happened a secret and move on with their lives without telling anybody. Daniel y Ana es su primer largometraje y fue presentado en la Quincena de Realizadores del Festival de Cannes. Born in Mexico in We seldom find the right words to express traumatic episodes in our lives; We tend to block negative emotions evoked by these experiences. Evita cruzarse con su familia, se encierra en su cuarto y antes de dormir lee una nota firmada por sus padres donde le anuncian que lo anotaron en un sorteo de TV.

Miguel Ward. A young man works in a bakery. He wraps up the last bag of bread sticks and walks back home, early in the morning. He avoids running into his family, locks himself up in his room, and before going to sleep, reads a note signed by his parents in which they tell him they have entered him in a TV contest. As in a strange satori, only partly involved with his present, Juan relates to the events in his life as they appear and forgets about them guided by a soft impulse, without too much passion.

Illuminated and flickering like a dynamo light, the young man advances, moves and pedals through desolate settings, isolated like an island, on the verge of a nuclear explosion. Nonetheless, Hiroshima is not a celebration of this juvenile lack of direction, but a sensitive and visual way of showing the metaphysical rhythm of existence.

The only ones who have a voice are the children of a Super 8 video or a babbling baby. Adults are silenced; the world of the untranslatable resounds. Control Z Films Requena ap. In and he worked as scriptwriter and director in the TV comedy show Los informantes. Ese personaje se basa libremente en la vida de mi hermano, Juan Stoll. Hiroshima is the story of a lonely man, somewhat distanced from the reality that surrounds him. This character is loosely based on my brother, Juan Stoll.

An everyday situation is the starting point of an amazing and surreal event: a man says goodbye to his wife on the platform of a train station and, without her noticing, gets caught in the clock which announces the departing trains. He is a graphic designer and works mainly in animations, video installations and TV motion graphics. Amir Admoni R. Two odd yet ordinary persons are the main characters of this idyllic fantasy filmed in Super 8 by Colombian Dairo Cervantes, which approaches the thin line that divides reality from fiction.

Ha participado en el desarrollo de cortometrajes, videoclips y en la escritura de guiones. He was born in Cartagena, Colombia, in and has participated in the development of short films, music videos and screenplays.

Short is his first film. Times goes by and he starts to think that he is the last survivor on Earth. From that moment on, he embarks on a journey of introspection, paranoia and madness which will lead him to the final combat against the ghosts of war. This animated sci-fi short is a reflection about war conflicts which take place in every field of human activity, from the origin of man to the present.

Born in Colombia. De repente, un estallido, y los roles se invierten radicalmente. Otro estallido y todo vuelve a la normalidad. O al menos eso es lo que creemos. A mentally handicapped man tries to eat his dinner while the woman sitting across him, his wife? Suddenly, with a bang, their roles are radically reversed and the victim becomes the abuser, giving place to verbal abuse and a true bloodbath. Another bang, and everything goes back to normal. Or this is what it seems. Filmed in the middle of a forest with a dazzling back and white photography, La chirola uses a simple structure based on a long monologue and the presence of the captivating protagonist, who combines talking to the camera, reconstructing certain situations and sincere confessions about unhealed wounds.

Una joven pareja disfruta de su almuerzo en una casa de tacos cuando el descubrimiento de un posible crimen atroz da como resultado una serie de especulaciones y confusiones en un lapso muy corto de tiempo. The gags and the climax of the short film prove that the director has a taste for classic jokes, as well as for thriller and horror films like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

He was born in Mexico City in He has directed several fiction, documentary and experimental short films. Marcelino is 11 years old and determined to find out the truth about his lack of interest in football, a sport his mother tries to involve him in at all costs. But first he has to meet his father face to face, and not through the same photograph his mother shows him almost every day.

Together with his friend Sergio, they begin the search for his true identity. He studied Filmmaking at the Film Training Centre and has participated in several film projects inside and outside the Centre. He works both as director and as assistant director. La tormenta pasa y el viejo sigue su camino, sin notar que ha perdido una jaula.

A very old man walks across the Mexican desert with a walking stick and four wooden boxes on his back, piled one over the other. Just when the camera shows that the boxes are actually cages, the old man sights a sandstorm right ahead. The storm passes and the old man continues along his way, without noticing that he has lost a cage. By the time he recovers it, not only will he realize that he has lost a lot of time, but also that the strange creature in captivity now runs free.

Insurgentes Sur , Col. En medio del desierto paraguayo, en un rancho venido a menos, una mujer mayor prepara su almuerzo con lo poco que tiene a su alrededor. In the middle of the Paraguayan desert, in a run-down hut, an old woman cooks lunch with the few ingredients available. Some minutes later, she is visited by a stranger on horseback who demands something to eat. Fearfully, the old woman cooks what she can and sits down next to him.

The brief, clumsy dialogue between them is the starting point of the underlying conflict in this story of violence and justice, inspired by a story by Carlos Villagra Marsal about the Paraguayan Chaco at the end of the Civil War, narrated by Marcelo Martinessi with an almost abstract subtlety. In the nineties he started his career as a documentary and short film director in Paraguay. Desde los noventa trabaja como documentalista y director de cortos en Paraguay. The short movie combines, in a natural way, two apparently incompatible genres and narrative techniques animation and documentary , and the result is a strange parody which honourably rescues the humor and the aesthetics of the original comic book.

Between seriousness and mockery, the film pays homage to one of the most important cult characters in the history of Brazilian comic books. Coala Filmes Av. Una mujer convive con su pareja, un hombre constantemente dormido. Una mirada reflexiva sobre el apego a situaciones cotidianas que oprimen, y la dificultad de salir de esa inercia para enfrentarse a lo desconocido. Her life, marked by loneliness, is monotonous and she clings to the ashes of a burnt down relationship.

One day she meets a dancer by chance in the street, but she is afraid of accepting failure the loss of her former love and embarking on a new adventure. The film is a reflective exploration of the attachment to oppressive everyday situations and the difficulties of abandoning inertia and facing the unknown. Born in Argentina in She studied Drawing, Music and Film. In , she moved to France, where she works as an animator and illustrator. The Sleeping Man is her first professional short film. He imagines numerous colours and underwater animals, but while he expectantly waits -with sun protection cream and armbands-, the vicissitudes of the trip will show him that sometimes reality can collide with fantasy.

El mar es su primer cortometraje. El mar is her first short film.

Hija de la Fortuna - Isabel Allende. AUDIOLIBRO

Miel y Palo Films Union St. The film takes place on the fringes of this new age, in which travelling is a fundamental requirement of progress. Algunos de sus cortos son La carpa e Itaca Some of his short films are La carpa and Itaca According to this original animated film by Santiago Carlomagno, bad luck lasts long enough to destroy everything in its path. A black cat calmly walks on a wall without noticing or even caring that as he advances he produces all kinds of catastrophes; from a red balloon that escapes from the hand of a child into the sky, to an old lady who is run over by an ambulance.

Born in in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At age 37, the timid Aldo is silently in love with his workmate Victoria. As in the making of a meal, Aldo will follow step by step the recipe for his declaration. D: Pablo G. Pablo G. En su primer cortometraje, Guillermo Greco da cuenta de una vasta experiencia dentro de la industria a la hora de construir un relato simple y contundente, apoyado en las interpretaciones de Nazareno Casero y Eugenia Tobal. He worked as assistant director in the feature film A Boyfriend for My Wife and as second assistant in Dibu 3 , Kamchatka , Vivir intentando and Erreway: 4 caminos , amongst others.

Born in Chile. Adoption, that intimate, emotional and legal determination of which feelings, affective needs and fearful elections have been the subject of many movies, emerges to its full extent in this risky and intense film by David Lipszyc. The story begins —however it may seem incongruous— with the genuine beginning; that is to say with the child in the orphanage, sessions and meetings with the person an unmarried man who wishes to comply with that act of humanity and hope that adoption is; because he is overwhelmed with love and desperately needs to offer it.

Development proceeds immediately because the argument nuances soon begin to un cover situations both consistent and unexpected, while spectators feel like playing roles in the search, secrets, confessions, concerns, stories of others And because, unfortunately, it is part of our recent history, it also deepens into the dramatic moments which our country had to undergo thirty-odd years ago. It is necessarily a hard film, which ending, those who did not realize all the nuances of the possible future of these characters, can be considered happy. Born in Argentina, he works as a writer, producer and director.

This story, which I ran into by chance, speaks about things that have touched us all. Love and the search of identity in a context of political oppression and intolerance both sexual and ideological. The action takes place in the city of Sante Fe, in , where life is pleasant and peaceful only on the surface: everybody knows that there is a clandestine detention centre -in which many dark things take place at night- located next to the area of waste ground where the children play soccer and police-and-thieves in the afternoons.

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Primer Plano Film Group Av. Born in Santa Fe, Argentina in Through this point of view we learn about power and use it. This film is about everyday power; the power every person has over someone, a casual and generally silent power, but always infallible. It is also a film about the consequences of the way in which we use that power.

Founded in , it is located on the Atlantic Coast, 23 kilometres away from Mar del Plata and has a population of less than 2, According to Alejandro Montiel, Chapadmalal is much more than this: an abstract and enigmatic territory, in which it is still possible to learn something about the forgotten art of conversation. And Montiel explores this in a simple way, so simple that it seems easy: placing a camera in the Tourist Resort of Chapadmalal and asking several questions to a group or retired people who philosophize about life, love, work and the passing of time.

The result is Chapadmalal, a new and parallel town in which each personal experience is more precise and valuable than the Official Version of History, of the third age , in which the old is better than the new and the past is like a lighthouse which illuminates the future. Born in in Argentina. Focusing on experience and love from the perspective of cheerful octogenarians, Chapadmalal opens up to the knowledge of the wise old men of the tribe. Besides being the only building designed by Le Corbusier in Latin America, the Curutchet House of La Plata was the first to have a unique facade; that is, one demarked by party walls.

El hombre de al lado, which creates a strange atmosphere by means of the almost constant use of straight lines and cold colors, is a film that revolves around both the architecture used to design houses and buildings and the complex architecture of human relationships. Curuchet House is occupied by polyglot, snob, arrogant and famous industrial designer Leonardo Spregelburd , who lives there with his wife and preadolescent daughter.

Told like this, El hombre de al lado may seem another comedy dealing with local customs and stereotypes. Un agujero en la medianera puede desatar lo impensado: solo ante la mirada del otro somos concientes de nosotros mismos. A simple party wall of thirty centimeters high can divide two worlds: two ways of dressing up, of eating, of thinking, of living. We can live all of our lives without noticing the presence of a neighbor that, nevertheless, stayed always right close to us, even a few centimeters away.

A hole in the party wall can unravel the unsuspected: only under the gaze of the others we became aware of ourselves. What is the history of the Falkland Islands? Who discovered them? Who inhabited them during the eighteenth century and why did they go so unnoticed by Argentina and Great Britain before ?

Through interviews to British and Argentine experts who use cartographic and diplomatic documents, Las islas didactically expounds the hypothesis regarding the first sighting, the discovery of the territory and the history of its colonization by Spain, France and Great Britain , until the outbreak of the war. Trusting that History is the best tool to analyse and understand the present, Cervi reconstructs a chapter of the past to help us face the future. Born in Rome, Italy. We found more than fifty maps from and we interviewed British journalists and historical researchers who hold no doubt about the Argentine sovereignty over the Falklands.

History proves that it was just a political tactic pulled by Margaret Thatcher when her popularity was at is lowest point. From some place in the Entre Rios jungle, and under the usual ski masks, commanders Chelo, Carlos and Pato announced the return of the armed struggle to Argentina and assured us that this time they would manage to defeat capitalism. After prison and social condemnation, Herzog convinced them to act in their own story.

Orquesta roja es su primer largometraje. Born in in Santa Fe, Argentina. Since , he works free lance as production director and assistant director for both commercials and music videos. In , he directed the medium-lenght film Blues maestro. Orquesta roja is his first feature film. En una casona en ruinas, un grupo de encapuchados anuncia la vuelta de la guerrilla ante un cronista de TV, antes de huir hacia los montes entrerrianos. Me obsesionaba esa escena. The scene repeats itself again and again in the Argentine television sets. In a big house in ruins, a group of hooded men announce, before a television reporter, that the guerrilla is back, and then flee into the hills of Entre Rios.

I was obsessed by this scene. I needed to know the persons who took part in this event, recover their stories and explore this period of time; to reconstruct everything that the media had left out, showing the production conditions, imagining that period. I discovered a good plot for a provincial police story. I came across the most famous myth of the city in which I grew up.

Padres de la Plaza: 10 recorridos posibles Fathers of Plaza de Mayo - 10 Possible Ways Hombres que hablan de sus recuerdos, de futuros truncos, de la imposibilidad de elaborar el duelo cuando faltan los restos mortales. Diez maridos algunos viudos de Madres de Plaza de Mayo, que compartieron el dolor pero nunca se nuclearon en un grupo que les diera la visibilidad y el reconocimiento que alcanzaron sus mujeres.

Men who talk about their memories, about their truncated futures, about the impossibility of mourning when the corpse is missing. Ten husbands some widows of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, who shared their pain but who never nucleated around a group which gave them the visibility or the recognition of their wives. The stories are different as well as the processes undergone by these survivors, the multiple ways they found to continue with their lives, the time passed until they were able to speak about their loss.

And the different discursive approaches: from indignation and emotional breakdown to a reflexive attitude which tries to seek refuge in rationality. The originality of Padres de la Plaza lies in the recovery of these points of view, which provide another important piece of the dark puzzle of Argentine contemporary history. He worked as a cameraman, video operator, production assistant and director for several institutions, cable companies and independent projects. He is the creator, scriptwriter, interviewer and director of the film Padres de la plaza.

Nos acercamos a algunos de ellos y les propusimos una serie de encuentros para conocerlos y escucharlos. This film is the outcome of a collective effort. When thirty years had passed from the last militar coup we started asking ourselves about the fathers. We apporached some of them and proposed a series of meetings to get to know them and listen to them. Diving through their stories ment accompanying them in the act of remembering and expressing in words their experiences. The movie, which has a fractured temporality, starts in the Delta, where the main characters, a couple who has been -apparently- peacefully married for thirty years, spend their weekend.

Precisely there we meet Gustavo and Lola, who agitatedly move in middle of the vegetation. Gustavo has blood stains all over his clothes and body and suddenly stands still: he is about to make a confession which will take us back to a past marked by ghosts, guilt and concealment.

He is a respected neurosurgeon and Lola a successful architect: we learn about their personal and professional lives in a fragmented way, through the furtive images of a video camera. A few minutes of those images could destroy everything: this certainty, set against a nocturnal background, results in one of the tensest Argentine films of the last years. Actualmente desarrolla el documental Contra las cuerdas. He was born in Buenos Aires in and worked as a mechanic, builder contractor and lifeguard while he studied in the State University, where he graduated in He is currently developing the documentary Contra las cuerdas.

El perseguidor is the first feature film he directed. I stood on the street with my camera hidden in my clothes. I searched for an expression, one look, a story behind those unknown passers by who walked past me. I followed them, I collected those brief moments in their lives, I imagined the secrets they could keep. What would happen if I could find them out? What if they discovered me? To do so, he enthusiastically directed several short films starred by dinosaurs, vampires and invaders from the centre of the Earth, using basic technological devices, believing that in that way he would rise to fame and fortune.

Sadly, this never happened. His movies went unnoticed both by the critics and by the general audience. In this context, the sequel of his by now cult film TL Mi reino por un platillo volador takes of. Actualmente se encuentra trabajando en su proyecto TL He started his career as an actor, writer and director in theatre. In he directed Hoteles y otros alojamientos temporarios, an experimental and humorous feature film composed entirely of images downloaded from YouTube.

He is currently working on his project TL Pero una noche de trabajo, ella no tiene otra alternativa que dejarlos solos en la casa luego de intentar en vano que el padre vaya a su casa a cuidarlos. Ana is seven years old and Mateo four; their mother, a single woman, does everything she can in order to raise them as best as possible. But one night at work, she has no choice but to leave them home alone after trying in vain to get their father to take care of them. On their own, Ana and Mateo explore their daily universe in a strange and new way, in a place where father figures, despite their absence, constitute an oppressive presence.

Algunos de sus trabajos son Anita y la Luna y Prohibido tocar los tomates. She was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Some of her films are Anita y la Luna and Prohibido tocar los tomates. Juan wakes up late and looks half-heartedly around the rooms of an apartment from which someone has obviously gone. He walks around, from the bedroom to the balcony, passing through the kitchen, completely empty, and the living room, in which he turns around to look at a photograph of himself with Patricia, his girlfriend.

Or ex girlfriend? What does Patricia say in the message she leaves on his answering machine a few minutes later? Sometimes, there are certain questions that should be left unanswered. He directed, amongst others, the short films Tengo una idea and Alejo both in , En dos personajes , Bungalow Bill and Exteriores both in With its tone and its narrative mechanism of coherently combining apparently irreconcilable extracts, Marcela lays the foundations for the renovation of Argentine animation. Es docente y autor teatral. He is a teacher and a playwright.

As a filmmaker he directed more than forty short and medium length films and videos, as well as TV shows and advertising spots. His work has been screened in both national and international festivals and has won several awards. An Orwell-like fiction which takes place in Buenos Aires in Walter, a young courier, dodges cars at high speed and, like the star of his beloved soccer team Chacarita, dribbles the ball past the Boca players. Will Chacarita win the championship after 99 years? Is everything fixed? Will the revolution begin? Born in Argentina and partially raised in the United States, he worked in advertising and production until he moved to Los Angeles, where he completed his Film studies at UCLA and began to work as film producer.

Chatean por MSN, suben fotos a sus blogs, actualizan el Facebook y mandan mensajes de texto, todo al mismo tiempo. A boy and a girl sit in their rooms in front of computer screens, and establish virtual contact with the outside world. They chat on MSN, upload photographs to their blogs, update their Facebook pages and send text messages, all at the same time. Actualmente realiza un documental sobre inmigrantes europeos que trabajaron en el cine argentino. He was born in in Mendoza, Argentina. Currently, he is directing a documentary on European immigrants who participated in Argentine cinema.

Musician, street poet, vagabond by choice and anarchist, Rojas is one of those urban characters excluded by the system to the point where they become invisible to most people. Born in in La Plata, Argentina. Con 36 vues…, Rivette nunca estuvo tan lejos, ni tampoco tan cerca, de su colega y amigo cahierista Eric Rohmer. Gustavo J. This is the first surprise it gives us; even more if we consider Rivette, who usually invest much more than two hours in order to tell us their particular stories.

But beyond the minutes it takes, it is also surprising the plot and the tone chosen by the director to tell this story. This story is tinged with melancholic moments and past memories harassing characters. But at this point comparisons stop. This is so because Rivette, exploring again the tense relationships between films and theatre reflects from the staging about representing the world of a circus with almost no audience.

In fact, the casual meeting between Kate and Vittorio is already giving us information about two different worlds: he is on a trip to Spain; she is beginning an inner trip to her past, including her father, the circus and her role as heiress. Between nomadism and inner process, Rivette chooses the second road, full of clowns, trapezists, some spectators and Beyond the melancholic atmosphere of some scenes, 36 vues… will never betray its purpose of aiming at the center of the dichotomy between films and theatre.

In the circus tent there are, among others, a knifethrower and a trapezist who hide more than one secret regarding the past of both diseased owner of the circus and the circus. However, circus acts continue behind the scenes, at the back room, through the characters of Vittorio and Kate, as if they were something more than simple observers of the facts. Mount St-Loup appears 36 times in over shots. In turn, it is not simply part of the set. Rivette, in another scene representative of his films, will make all his characters pass in front of the camera.

But this is not the ending: that could be entrusted to the autumn beauty of Kate; it is impossible to imagine her without the skin of Jane Birkin, a face with no makeup. With 36 vues…, Rivette was not ever so far nor so near from his colleague and Cahierist friend Eric Rohmer. He was born in in France. At that time he directed his first short films: Aux quatre coins , Le Quadrille , and Le Divertissment What follows is a tour de force through the abysses of pain, guilt, madness and control, which works like a terror fable that takes place in a gloomy house in the middle of the woods.

Focussing on its only two characters —Dafoe and Gainsbourg, who was awarded the Best Actress Golden Palm- and the brutal lacerations they suffer, Antichrist mutates and becomes a portrayal of hell, a possessed painting. The film is designed to provoke admiration and rejection, amazement and anger, to violently shock, not letting anyone leave the film theatre at ease. Antichrist, which competed in Cannes , is his last feature film. Un matrimonio a punto de convertirse en padres primerizos se entera de que los futuros abuelos paternos van a mudarse a Europa, y esa noticia los decide a buscar un nuevo lugar donde criar al hijo inminente.

This is the starting point of a sentimental road movie through the United States and Canada which transforms the landscape into a vital element of the narration. He was born in in Reading, United Kingdom, and works as a stage and film director. De pronto, aparece una patrulla guardacostas; alguien salta al agua, decidido a no dejarse atrapar. A small boat crammed with people who speak a strange language approaches the beach, at night.

Suddenly, a coastguard vessel appears; someone dives into the sea, determined not to get caught. But let there be no misunderstandings: of course there is social criticism and a political dimension in the film, but they appear humorously in this road movie —hitchhiking and walking; by car, train and tractor- which satirizes the habitants, fears and hopes of present-day Europe.

His latest work includes Amen and The Ax Based on the short story Moth, by English writer Rose Tremain, the first part of this film divided in two is an exercise of austere social realism that echoes the films by the Dardennes brothers. Katie television comedian Alexandra Lamy, which surprises us with the emotional depth of her performance , certainly reminds us of Rosetta, a worker at a plastic containers factory, single mother of a seven year old girl, inhabitant of a grey apartment building.

Nine months later comes Ricky, the extraordinary son of ordinary parents. Born in Paris, France in , Ozon started shooting films in the late 90s and directed more than La voz en off y el registro van de la mano. Roger Koza. What is an image? This ontological question may be excessively epistemological, because it implies to think a criterion to draw the boundaries between the current digital plural set of images and that thing we call film image. Cavalier, even when he is working with digital video camera, obtains an image with a visual nature that is seen as a film image.

The same happens with Kiarostami, Varda and Marker and their video pictures. Even more: the register procedure made by Cavalier is the same any father will try when filming his children and talking about them while he captures the images with his lens. It reminds him of a past love, who had died on a tragic accident in His other love is platonic: he professes his love for her again and again, although he has never met the actress Sophie Marceau. The thing is that it is neither a systematic philosophy, nor a style treatise by Godard and his History of Cinema.

Cavalier seems to be one of those philosophers that simply transcribes what his feelings tell him, here present for the purpose of giving a meaning to old places already visited, photos, a journal. Voice-over and register go hand in hand. There is an excellent coordination between the eye and the brain, between register and memory, between voice and image, between speech and shot.

Just like Varda used to do in Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse, while shooting the film Cavalier also discovers the sediment of time in his body, how he had worn out, ontological exhaustion: Objectively, to exist tires out. What does not have an expiration date is the validity of his philosophical and cinematographic meditation. It is timeless. To film time, memory and contingencies of the Self will prevail over fashions and changing entertainment codes.

Diego Brodersen. No doubt Nanayo is a modest film considering her filmography. This film seems to have been born during a break just before another labor contraction. It is a small movie which completes and comments on other two more ambitious films: Shara and The Mourning Forest. The director usually varies from fiction feature films to shorter works, documentaries, in essence journaling in audiovisual format. But even in her fiction stories reality tends to filter in within every shot. Nanayo is no exception. Her obsession for glances, bodies, nature and their multiple interactions, as if in every intimate gesture and movement, in each raindrop hitting the ground we could find an elusive truth, an atom of an unattainable certainty that lies ahead of us.

We never know the reasons why Saiko is in Thailand, but we see her a bit lost, as if her journey had had very little planning. A Thai woman lives in that house; she is a masseur by profession, and lives with her little son who seems that will have a future of religious introspection. Also a Frenchman has ended up in the same house.

This is good enough for Kawase to show on the screen her reflections about desire, pain, loss and hope.

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It is full of understandings and misunderstandings, both cultural and linguistic, full of recollections of losses and disappearances, yearnings never fulfilled. It is precisely a disappearance — the only one taking place in present time— that triggers chaos within a foreseeable fragile cosmos. Kawase seems to say that imbalance is the rule and harmony almost an ideal. An illusion, as brief as a flash of lightning crossing the sky, that occasionally seems to be reached. There is something chimerical in that place in the world portrayed by Kawase, a fantasy paradise that can only by true thanks to a certain spiritual disposition or to the most temporary subjectivity.

Kawase keeps on chasing an impossible hunt: the search for beauty. Open Sesame Co. Her first film was the short documentary Embracing It is precisely during this lysergic initiation that Tiber has an epiphany, facing the extraordinary image of an undulating sea made up of half a million persons. Always positioned at the edges rather than at the center of the hurricane, Taking Woodstock is a close portrait of a generation transformed by pure LSD and flower power, its senses and feelings permanently liberated. Born in in Taiwan. His films have received an impressive number of awards, including two Oscars, two Golden Lions and two Golden Bears.

Taking Woodstock was part of the Cannes Official Selection Desde el principio, se une a un grupo de presos corsos cuya palabra es ley. But this time the key reference is Martin Scorsese —especially when it comes to the depiction of masculine universes—, and television series about the world of crime, such as the influential The Wire and Oz, which is also set in prison. Upon entering prison he is completely alone, and looks younger and more fragile than the rest of the inmates. From the beginning, he joins a group of Corsican inmates who run the place.

Malik learns to toughen himself up fast, and applies his intelligence to discreetly weaving his own web of alliances. Filmed with vertigo in each frame, atmospheric aridity and an unusual virtuosity, through his first film, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, Tahar Rahim proves his talent, accompanied by veteran Niels Arestrup, who plays the leader of the Corsican gang. Born in in Paris, he started his career as editor and in the eighties wrote a dozen scripts, including Le Professionnel Diego Batlle.

As a film maker, Nobuhiro Suwa is a goldsmith who achieves another delicate, lyrical and merciless chamber work. At the beginning it depicts the drama of a French family, and by the end, it becomes a poetic Japanese story. Thus, it results in the perfect summary of a filmography that always swings from Europe to Asia. Based on his own rich sensitivity he always makes a distinction between place of origin and place adopted. The film has been co-directed with Hippolyte Girardot who also acts in the film. At her nine years old, the main character looks at the facts and has to put up with them.

At the same time she spends almost all day with her friend Nina Arielle Moutel , also the daughter of a divorced couple. The problem is that her mother is about to travel to Japan to settle there and she does not want to go with her. Suwa avoids adding an excess of underlined melodrama.

The first part of the movie is not at all bad. However, as the film seems to follow the right path, although a predictable one, Suwa provides a surprising style and narrative turn with a long, fascinating and magical walk in the woods. To include this film in a program, will grace any Festival. Y antes de que empiece la historia, una voz en off nos dice que esto no es una historia de amor. Pero, igual que en el amor, no hay que dejarse llevar por lo que se dice, sino por lo que se hace. Todos momentos llenos de gracia, de humor… y de amor. The slogan of the film clearly announces the subject.

And before the story even starts, a voice over announces that this is not a love story. But, as in love, you have to ignore what people say and focus on what they do. Tom and Summer meet, have an affair and, days later, split up. As in every good romantic comedy, the chemistry between the main characters makes everything work. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt drunk and singing karaoke and Zooey Deschanel in practically all of her scenes prove that this couple has chemistry to spare. Especially in the elevator scene, in which love is born to the music of The Smiths, heard through a pair of headphones.

A film full of situations marked by humor and romance. Bianchini fox. Born in , Webb graduated from the S. He directed the short films L. This movement threatens to become an avalanche when, almost at the same time, he loses his job as a waiter due to his appearance, his dietitian accuses him of discouraging the other members of his group with his lack of commitment, and even his own mother starts to complain about his obesity. And in a way, Herzl starts a landslide, because with him come three giants and the giantess he likes to rebel against the tyranny of diets and to search, together, for a bit of respect and self pride.

How do they plan to accomplish this? Herzl has it all worked out, at least since he got a new job at a Japanese restaurant…as a Sumo wrestler! With its sports-related excitement with a twist on the traditional training montage and others, an even dose of tenderness and of the absurd, A Matter of Size could be the chubby sister of The Full Monty; new evidence of the fact that in order to accept ourselves as we are, we have to learn to fight for what we want. He directed the short film Moosh and co-directed, with Guy Nattiv, the short films Strangers , Offside and the feature film Strangers He was born in Ramla, Israel, and also studied at the Camera Obscura.

In he wrote the comedy television series Sketch Show. Thirty four years after the legendary TV movie The Naked Civil Servant also screened in this section of the festival , which made its main character Quentin Crisp one of the greatest British gay icons of the twentieth Century, An Englishman in New York works as a sequel, thanks to the spontaneity with which John Hurt plays the character that launched his career. This innovative film approached the forging of a man intent on living his sexuality openly in the repressed English society of the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Now we find Crisp in , already a cult figure, arriving at Manhattan to tell his story and state his sharp comments in theatre and television. Up there, at 72 and more comfortable than ever, he displays his exuberant style from cocktail to cocktail, accompanied by his agent and the editor of The Village Voice, his true friends. Narrated with a direct style, without shrillness, the story is marked by a specific incident -a comment about AIDS made by Crisp which is very badly received- after which some bitter cracks appear in the festive atmosphere of the gay community of those years in the city that never slept.

Leopard International St. Among other projects, he is currently developing a feature film based on a screenplay by actor Emma Thompson entitled Effie. The presence of Quentin Crisp presenting this by now mythical TV adaptation of his autobiography published in destabilizes from the beginning the insipidness of average biopics. Crisp is considered to be the first British public figure who talked openly of his homosexuality -the first British queen- and the truth is that the film directed by Gold not only depicts the life and times of this character, it also contributed to consolidate his fame and cult.

The Naked Civil Servant, which was revolutionary for the television of that period, narrates how a star of the queer firmament was born, beginning in the thirties and forties, when Crisp was only a mildly cool citizen frequently and harshly beaten up by the other boys for dressing like that in public like that meaning a style which anticipated glam by three decades , and finishing in the seventies, when he became an icon. Born in London in , he first studied Business Law. Beginning his career as an editor at the BBC, he became a director there in and made his first film for theatrical release in Immediately after, we see him opening the shutters and windows of a dark room.

This is how we first meet Antoine, the documentary that permanently flirts with fiction, and Antoine, the little blind Canadian boy. With the excuse of an imaginary police case, this young main character becomes a detective who explores the world in search of a certain Madame Rouski, a woman who dissolves in water and wanders around the pipes of her natal Montreal. Without being overdramatic, victimizing the main character or making him play his part with arrogant stoicism, Laura Bari portrays the daily life of a normal boy by stretching the boundaries of the game and letting imagination guide the story.

Her camera dives into the universe of a small group of five year old children -placing itself physically at the same height and capturing in depth their forms of perception- to discover a new way of seeing the world. Eye Steel Film Saint-Laurent bld. Antoine es su primer largometraje. She studied Pedagogy and specialized in Psychopathology of the expression. Antoine is her first feature film. Aware of the incurability of his suffering, instead of going to the psychoanalyst, he decides to go to a Center for the Storage of Souls, which, as a palliative, offers the possibility of extracting and freezing his soul until he is ready to return it back to his body.

Together they subsequently made a short film in Ukraine entitled Snowblink In she wrote and directed the film Happiness When Katalin and her son are banished from their house and their rural village, she takes her son by the hand and sets out to recover their dignity and violently avenge the humiliation she suffered.

In this pastoral road movie, particularly climatic and atemporal, the main character transforms into an avenging angel, thirsty for redemption, who will face her own demons while travelling through the fields and woods of Transylvania, sleeping in farms and improvised cottages, hating the world and its eternal cruelty. The first-timer Strickland only needs a small background story, a monologue, three characters and a boat to build an enviable and resounding cinematographic construction.

He was born in Reading, England, in He now lives in Hungary, where he teaches English. Ellos no se parecen a nadie, ni en las malas ni en las buenas. The Strobbes are unique through thick and thin. They are more bad-mannered, more vulgar, more argumentative, drunker, dirtier and noisier than everyone else. But they are also a close-knit family that withstands a wide range of misfortunes.

Their uncertain destiny is, according to them, unavoidably tied to the singer Roy Orbinson, who makes them cry and feel euphoria, among other emotions. But who are the Strobbes? Gunther, a 13 year old boy who is the narrator of the story, and his father, grandmother and three uncles, all living under the same roof. Between fights, beer-drinking contests, unusual bicycle races, failed or unrequited loves, small and not-so-small treasons, Gunther tries to escape from this crazy life by writing. But there is a new role for him in the family and, perhaps, a reason to be proud of being a Strobbe.

Tom has been living on the Moon for the last three years, carrying out routine tasks to supply the Earth, which has energy problems.


On the Moon, night is eternal and loneliness is absolute; his only contact with other persons his wife, daughter and bosses is carried out through a screen in which Sam watches how life at home continues without him. Sus primeras experiencias fueron filmaciones de eventos relacionados con su padre, David Bowie. Moon es su primer largo. His first experience was filming events concerning his father, David Bowie.

He worked in advertising until he directed his first short film, Whistle Moon is his first feature film. The only person capable of reaching him is a Peruvian woman hired by the couple. Should they adopt him or should they return him to social services? He managed to do so by sensitively and authentically portraying the main characters as well-off, young people, who belong to an immature and frivolous generation, marked by multiple traumas and frustrations. This melodrama unfolds in an enclosed space -which the camera only leaves sporadically- and a precise and brief period of time, and possesses sparks of humor, acute dialogues and an infallible chemistry between the main characters, who are trapped in an emotional turmoil, one of those which always have after-effects.

Born in in Madrid. He was born in Mar del Plata. Los films seleccionados suscitan una toma de conciencia frente a nuestra cotidianidad y el creciente deterioro de las condiciones de vida que nos llega camuflado de progreso. While the director decides to go after the missing producer, the technical crew and the actors have nothing else to do but kill time, while they wait for the necessary good news to continue working. We find ourselves caught between a world worn out by the exploitation of its natural resources and the technological advances, an unsustainable situation in the middle term, without being able to move forward to another globally viable situation that allows the survival of different life forms, natural and cultural.

The selected films produce an awareness of our daily life and the increasing deterioration of the living conditions, which disguises itself as progress. They emphasize the tangible crisis of a civilization paradigm based on the exploitation and plundering of natural and human resources Plastic Planet, En terrados, Food Inc. An uneven struggle in which States and their laws, at the service of the exploitation of resources, are part of the problem instead of the solution.

Perhaps it is the serpent, biting its own tail. In late and early , the people and communities of the north and south of Ecuador rose up in protest after the speedy approval of the Mining Law. Lake Titicaca, where the Uros have lived for a thousand years, is at risk of disappearing due to the contamination of its waters.

Through Julio, Maribel and Don Isidro, Uros: Guardianes del agua explores the ancient traditions of these people, their sacred relationship with nature and the holy element that sustains all life: water. Born in Riobamba, Ecuador, he works as director, cinematographer, writer and editor.

Perhaps because he wanted his first narrative fiction film to stay within the documentary genre, Raksasad came up with an original formula: to offer land to two families in his native village for them to cultivate rice in the traditional way, without machinery or electricity, and to film the process throughout the four seasons of the year.

The global economic forces are not the only one jeopardizing this type of work, of living, of relating to the Earth and to what we eat Food Inc. He worked as an editor and post-production supervisor for several Thai feature films. In , he directed his first full-length film, the documentary Stories from the North. Atenco, A Crime of State is an essential document about this terrible confrontation which resulted in the death of two young men, several injured persons, hundreds of arrested people being tortured, chaotic rapes, arrested minors, deportations and over a hundred ongoing judicial processes.