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Arm and leg muscles are affected more than hands and feet. In the most advanced cases the weakness is general throughout the body. By the end of the first year, the eye muscles are affected in nearly all patients. The symptoms remain ocular involving the eye in only 16 per cent. In nearly 90 per cent of those in whom the disease becomes generalized, this occurs within the first year after the onset. Progression is most rapid within the first three years, and more than half of the deaths caused by myasthenia gravis occur in that period.

Long remissions are uncommon, and most remissions occur during the first three years. In myasthenia gravis, these can be classified into the following types:. Symptoms are worse towards the end of the day. Others symptoms include poor appetite, diarrhea, a reluctance to speak and shortness of breath.

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Other accompanying symptoms are soreness in the loin region, spontaneous sweating, aversion to cold temperatures, cold limbs, a pale complexion, difficulty in swallowing, poor appetite and diarrhea, and the excretion of large volumes of dilute urine. Symptoms worsen towards the end of the day. Other accompanying symptoms are soreness and weakness in the lumbar lower back region and knees, dizziness, ringing in the ears, insomnia and nightmares.

A feeling of dryness in both eyes and a hot sensation in the chest, palms of the hands and soles of the feet can develop. The presence of weakness usually worse at the end of the day or after vigorous exercise , but without loss of sensation is necessary although not sufficient on its own to make the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis. Diagnosis is based on the clinical history, physical examination and results of specific tests and laboratory studies. If improvement in weakness occurs within seconds and lasts for two to three minutes the test is considered positive.

Occasionally the test itself can cause respiratory constriction and fainting and is always carried out in a proper clinical setting. Serum acetylcholine receptor antibodies These disease-specific antibodies are present in 90 per cent of cases of generalized myasthenia gravis. The antibodies are found in no other condition.

Nerve stimulation Stimulation of the motor nerve results in a characteristic decrease in muscle response. Other tests Chest X-ray may show a mass enlarged gland in the area of the thymus that can be confirmed by computed tomography scanning. Nothing unusual can be detected from peripheral blood samples. Diagnosis in TCM places importance on determining the circumstances and manifestations of a disease through inquiry and symptom observation. In myasthenia gravis, the procedures used in TCM to differentiate between disharmony patterns can be explained as follows:.

This reduces the supply of nutrients available to the muscles and tendons and results in weakness in muscular contractions. A reluctance to speak and shortness of breath also result from qi and blood insufficiency. Poor appetite and diarrhea are symptoms of spleen weakness. On examination, the tongue is swollen, pink in color, indented on the margins and coated with a thin, white fur.

The pulse is weak and fine. Kidney- yang deficiency also causes soreness in the loin area, production of copious amounts of dilute urine and an aversion to cold temperatures. On examination, the tongue is swollen, pink in color and covered with a thin, white fur. The pulse is deep and fine. Body structures, such as the muscles, bones and tendons, become weak. Kidney problems cause dizziness, ringing in the ears, soreness and weakness in the loin area and the knees.

On examination, the tongue is red with a scanty fur covering. The pulse is fine and rapid. Deficiency in both qi and blood Deficiency in qi and blood not only affects the supply of nutrients to muscles and tendons, but also leads to general impairment of the whole body. In addition to symptoms of muscle weakness, individuals present with fatigue, palpitation, shortness of breath, pallor and spontaneous sweating. On examination, the tongue is pale, swollen and indented on the margins. The tongue fur is white and thin.

There are three therapeutic options in the TCM treatment of myasthenia gravis: the regularization of disharmony patterns, use of Chinese patent medicines and acupuncture therapy. In this prescription, pilose asiabell, milk-vetch and large head atractylodes roots are used to tonify the spleen and benefit the qi.

Cimicifuga rhizome and Chinese thorowax root improve the transformation and transportation functions in the spleen. Dried tangerine peel regulates the qi movement; Chinese angelica aids the blood ; and fresh ginger and Chinese date improve the communication between the interior and exterior of the body. In this prescription, monkshood, cassia bark and deerhorn glue warm and invigorate the spleen and kidneys.

Chinese angelica replenishes the blood ; and pilose asiabell, milk-vetch, common yam and large head atractylodes roots replenish the qi and tonify the spleen. In this prescription, fresh rehmannia rhizome is used in quantity for effective nourishment of the kidney- yin. Wolfberry replenishes the essence and improves visual acuity; and Asiatic cornelian reduces depletion of essence and calms the liver. Dodder seed and achyranthes root reinforce the lumbar lower back region and knees, and strengthen the tendons and bones.

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Acupressure for Myasthenia Gravis Made Easy: An Illustrated Self Treatment Guide

Acupressure for Myasthenia Gravis Made Easy: An Illustrated Self Treatment Guide [Dr. Krishna N. Sharma] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Acupressure for Myasthenia Gravis Made Easy - An Illustrated Self Treatment Guide is an unique book full of illustrations and written in very simple language.

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