Del infierno al paraiso con escala (Spanish Edition)

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go here She likes to dress in an old-fashioned way. She does whatever comes into her mind. Lo hago porque se me antoja.

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I do it because I take a notion to. Happy New Year. I'm twenty years old.

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Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies

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Del infierno al paraíso con Escala by Ernesto Clavelo (2009, Paperback)

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S'Hertogenbosch (Países Bajos), 1450 - S'Hertogenbosch (Países Bajos), 1516

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It was a good opportunity. I'm not feeling very well. Bueno, nos veremos a las cinco. They assure that the causes, as well as the cures, show up in their visions. For hundreds of years and without having read a single botanical book, the natives have known the properties of different plants and their infinite combinations.

Ayahuasca has also been tried as an addiction treatment. In Peru, there is a therapeutic community where dependence on cocaine and Ecstasy are treated with ayahuasca. How can these telepathic phenomena, communication with ancestors, the feeling of bonding with the universe be explained? Jeremy Narby, a Swedish anthropologist, found that the double helix structure of the vine happened to be the same as that of DNA, so he hypothesized that ayahuasca allowed us to observe the DNA particles containing all of the genetic information about our origin, and, as it would seem, about our destiny.

The whole hut seemed rayed with spectral presences all suffering transfiguration with contact with a single mysterious Thing that was our fate and was sooner or later going to kill us. His experience, apparently, was filled with dread. I know people who have been teased or have been told great jokes by the voice of ayahuasca, but in the same session have been shown their children dead. I also wanted to dig deep. According to experts, I could only reach that in the forest. To ingest the plant in the city is to take it out of its ritual context, and to do it without the protection and the knowledge of a shaman is madness.

A friend of mine, a young poet, was burned alive. He closed himself in a room, tied himself to the bed, and poured gasoline all over himself; he then lit himself on fire. They say in one of his sessions he had seen the end of his life, which entailed a mission: the plant had ordered him to light himself on fire on December twentieth, during the summer solstice, a time of change and rebirth. The truth is my friend had been taking it alone for some time, without the guidance of a healer. During his last days, he wore a strange expression that we all thought was of happiness.

But the white man going into the remote thicket of the South American jungle in search of the powerful psychotropic plant has already been transformed into a romantic idea. More and more, shamans are moving to the big city, they are paid in dollars or euros and arrive by plane with a bottle of ayahuasca under their arm to treat illnesses, almost always summoned by rich people who have already tried everything else.

Ayahuasca had arrived in the city, but I went into the jungle, at least for a few days, as Burroughs and Ginsberg had. For me, though, this is easier. I live in Peru.

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A one-and-a-half-hour flight lands me straight in Pucallpa, the paradise of the ayahuasqueros. The only thing I was worried about were the warnings concerning certain shamans.

In contrast to doctors in white robes, the traditional doctor takes into account the internal drama of each individual. He is the one who travels into the kingdom of the unseen, makes up symbolic stories to explain the world, organizes the rituals to access a superhuman plane, and invokes the energies that are ailing us.

Perhaps due to the discourse of comparative religions, we forget shamans are people just like us. Somebody told me that the most famous shamans have been absorbed by the system and administer ayahuasca in luxurious European hotels. Many leave their wives upon moving to the city; they get drunk and have a life contrary to that of ayahuasca. Their spirits have become contaminated and can no longer be of help to anyone. But what is really distressing is the figure of the malero , a type of healer who has fallen into darkness. An evil sorcerer, basically.

Obviously not all shamans are like this. To be a shaman, most of them undergo a mystic transmutation by going into the forest for months at a time and taking on extremely tough diets to learn about the potencies of each plant. During these curative sessions they make sacrifices, and feel pain, and let themselves be devoured by the spirits of ferocious animals while they are in trance. Will Rosendo be that character from the Amazonian legends, will he be my green wizard?

My bags are ready, my fare is purchased, and I just got my period. I have been told that ayahuasca cannot be taken during menstruation. According to the healers, they are clashing energies. In the end, I decide to go anyway. I have reached Pucallpa today, Friday afternoon. Pucallpa is three hundred miles northeast of Lima and is the capital of the Ucayali department.

Luz Dary Diaz - Del Infierno al Paraiso (Video de Letras)

I pretty much have to agree with all the people who had told me it was the ugliest city in Peru: a sort of giant market in which a person has to travel several miles before seeing the typical Amazonian horizons filled with forests and rivers. The air is still wild: hot, invasive, and sticky. I check in at a simple hostel and head out for the port of Yarina. I hope to find Rosendo that same day in the native community of San Francisco de Yarincocha, where the majority of shamans live, interview him, and propose we do a session tomorrow night.

I try to call Rosendo on the only communal telephone in the village, but the line is down. Nobody wants to take me. The reason for their indifference becomes clear only a few feet away: the desolate image of a giant animal made of tin critically wounded in the middle of the road. The bridge connecting Yarina and San Francisco collapsed a few days ago, due to the rain. And the bridge was broken! Resigned and ready to go back to the hostel, I looked one last time down at the docks where the boats were coming in from San Francisco.

I take a motorcycle that served as a cab.

It may end up being a night without ayahuasca, but with several interviews with famous shamans. The taxi driver knew perfectly well where they all lived. I rang the doorbell a few times without luck and was about to leave when I walked into the path of a Jeep Cherokee just pulling up in front of the door. This already seems to be more than just good luck.

A power The ayuahuasca? A witch doctor? The woman welcomes me, but warns that I will only have one hour to interview him since at nine the maestro is starting a session. Tonight will be a rough night, he has to cure a family member who has cancer, she told us. The same taxi driver took us the six miles from the road to the lodge.

He lets me in with a smile, without asking any questions. Guillermo is a dazzling being: he studied in Brazil, he is a shaman who travels the world giving lectures, and he has even played himself in several Swedish and Dutch movies. At the end of the conversation, he invites me to participate in the ceremony. Not following my original plan fills me with fear. I try to listen to my heart to see if it tells me if this is the place, and this is the shaman, but nothing seems clear. I end up accepting.

I enter a cabin that, according to Guillermo, was built on a site that had been struck by lightning. On one side of the room is the sick woman, hanging in a large cot suspended in the air by ropes and completely covered by sheets. He scowled, nodded, and then let me decide. I sat down and readied myself for the trip. I had no idea of what was to come.

That night, I watched in horror a spectacle of dead animals, decomposed fetuses, and dramatic rapes. The sick woman poked her head out of the white sheets and I thought I saw in her face the face of someone I love, looking at me cruelly and with reproach. They are following me through a devastated city; I try to escape by jumping over puddles filled with crushed and bloody bodies.

I have been drawn in by darkness. Paris: Imago. Journal of Latin American Anthropology. Mana, vol. La figure de l'indien dans le chamanisme populaire". XXIII n. In: A. Politique des Esprits. Chamanisme et religions universalistes. Les circulations transnationales. In: R. Benoist eds. GOW, Peter. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Images of History in Western Amazonian Culture". In: N. Thomas e C. Humphrey eds. Shamanism, History and the State".