Project Payday: Getting Your First Job After High School

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Teens will be able to earn a stipend or pay, based on the level of their program.

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Programs meet for weeks during the school year and six weeks during the summer. Learn more about the structure of a program day, including teen breaks, and how to make sure your teen is on track to be paid in this guide.

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These short breaks may be unsupervised and teens may be permitted to leave the program site during these breaks. After School Matters is not responsible for teens during these breaks. Please read it carefully. We want nothing more than post-secondary success for all After School Matters teens.

To achieve this, teens can inquire and involve themselves in post-secondary skills and opportunities through our programs and network with professional communities, starting with their instructors. To view a list of post-secondary resources and helpful guides, visit our Resources for Teens page.

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It allows them to receive their stipend or pay immediately, giving them the ability to spend and manage their money easily. The card can be used like a regular debit card at any place that accepts Visa or Mastercard, such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and retail stores. Learn more about the Wisely Pay card, and find answers to frequently asked questions here. We are excited to announce that you will now have the option to receive your stipend and wages electronically. Teens can elect Direct Deposit to make your payday an easier and faster experience!

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This change would eliminate the distribution of paper checks to your program. Once logged in, they can navigate to the Teen Pay and Stipends Page and see if they are on track to be paid! Are you on track to get paid? Parents Welcome to the Parent Community! The school integrates MoneySmart's teaching resources into lessons throughout all years, especially with seniors as they prepare to leave school. Kings Christion College video. Bulimba and Arundel State Schools video. Two primary schools are featured in this video demonstrating their approaches to consumer and financial literacy education.

Currumbin Special School video. Students run the 'Snack Shack' and a community garden to gain consumer and financial literacy skills. Consumer and financial literacy in the kitchen and garden. Learning about money, change, shopping and value for money, forms a logical and relevant partnership with Singleton Primary School's existing Kitchen Garden Program.

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Getting your first job after high school is tough. I've hired + first-time job seekers and will tell you the reality of finding that first job. Where should you look for a. Project Payday: Getting Your First Job After High School eBook: Candie S. Halstead: Kindle Store.

Mypolonga Primary School video. The Mypolonga State Primary School shop located on the banks of the Murray River attracts visitors from around the world to buy at the student run shop. Teacher, Kim Streitberger, said the shop is having a significant impact on students' numeracy and engagement, as they realise the natural connection between money and mathematics.

Solving word problems in maths lessons can include elements of real life, but doesn't come close to the calculations students undertake when they're buying and selling', Kim said. Principal, Lisa Yeoman, said Pleasant Snacks has enthusiastic support from staff, parents and students alike.

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We pride ourselves on preparing students for their future and recognise that financial literacy is a lifelong skill. Palmerston Christian School adopts a whole school approach to consumer and financial literacy education.

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Consistent money and set schedule. Kids perspectives on the MoneySmart program Singleton Primary, WA Kids perspectives Students share their thoughts about money, what they are learning about it at school and the application of this both in the classroom and at home. Also, the industry in inextricably tied to notoriously volatile oil prices, so the job market may be just as hot and cold. Rather than using the generic contact address the developer lists on its website, track down an individual recruiter and contact them in person. Ranzetta hopes they bring the questions home, too. Bright future, shades on. This major takes the study of chemistry and materials science one step further into the process of producing commercial goods by adding engineering.

The school arranged for their Year 3 students to host a welcome breakfast for children starting in their Transition class Kindergarten or Prep. At our school we're keen to ensure that students leave with the knowledge and skills to confidently set and meet their financial goals throughout life', she said.

Whole school rewards system.

At Singleton Primary School students learn to earn, save, spend and donate through the whole school rewards program. Students monitor their rewards accounts and become familiar with authentic banking behaviours through rewards transactions.

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Learning to bank through role play. Students plan a virtual trip to Spain and explore the financial aspects of travel through planning, budgeting and using a travel money card. Music, Art and Drama students employed an enterprise approach to the school production "Romeo and Juliet: Summer of 66". Students and teachers share their experiences of this innovative approach to financial learnings and earnings.

How teachers used the MoneySmart Teaching Program to assist students with additional learning needs. How the MoneySmart teaching program can help you teach consumer and financial literacy education.

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Foundation students learn money basics.