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D , Reg. Cessna TUG on Wipline amphibious floats. Globe GC-1B Swift. Taylor J-2 Cub. Convair , Reg. Lockheed U-2C Serial No. Mercury Space capsule. NM, flyable. N58WR, flyable. NPR, undergoing restoration to fly. Hughes TH Osage Helicopter, undergoing restoration to fly. Nevada City, static display. Newbury Park. The aircraft preserved at the Oakland Aviation Museum are listed on a separate web page on this website. Meteor Model Lockheed TA Shooting Star. Mikoyan Gurevich MiG Fresco. Ontario Airport , static display. Pacific Palisades, A and T Productions.

All of the aircraft have been carefully restored for public display. Operating hours of the airparks are the same - Friday through Sunday except in inclement weather from A. Pacific Time. On Federal Government holidays both airparks are closed. Lockheed U-2D Serial No. The aircraft preserved at the Palm Springs Air Museum are listed on a separate web page on this website. The aircraft preserved at the Estrella Warbird Museum are listed on a separate web page on this website. Paso Robles. Grumman E-2 Hawkeye BuNo. Bullpup air-to-surface missile.


Bullpup II air-to-surface missile. Harpoon anti-shipping missile. Hawk surface-to-air missile SAM. AAM-N-4 Oriole air-to-air missile. AGM Maverick Air to surface tactical missile. AIM-7 Sparrow I passive radar-guided air-to-air missile. AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air infra-red guided missile. AIM Phoenix semi-active radar-guided air-to-air missile. AUM-N-2 Petrel winged rocket-propelled acoustic-homing air to surface missile. SAM-N-2 Lark surface to air missile.

Polaris submarine-launched ballistic missile. SSM-N-8 Regulus submarine-launched surface-to-surface missile. Shrike missile. Standard anti-radar missile ARM. Porterville, Veteran's Park. Porterville Municipal Airport , static display. Port Hueneme. Bensen B. VWK-1 , Reg.

RN , Reg. Rotorway Scorpion Helicopter 1 st Model. Sud-Ouest SO. Lockheed P Lightning cockpit. Rosamond , city static display. Boeing B Serial No.

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I have learned much about our common history, and this fascination has led me to write about it and to seek out the stories about the military airmen and women and the aircraft they flew that helped preserve our security when warclouds darkened our skies. Great Plains Sonerii II. Bullpup air-to-surface missile. Vacaville, Nut Tree Airport. Airliner "boneyards" in the deserts of the western United States serve several functions: temporary storage, maintenance, parts reclamation, and scrapping.

Douglas DC Serial No. Retired aircraft on display at DFRC:. NNA, on display outside the main complex. Retired DFRC aircraft on display elsewhere in the local area:. North American X Experimental high-speed rocket-powered research aircraft No. Sacramento Executive Airport. San Bernardino.

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California Warplanes [Harold A. Skaarup] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This aviation handbook is designed to be used as a quick. This aviation handbook is designed to be used as a quick reference to the classic military heritage aircraft that have been restored and preserved in the state of.

Aero Vodochody LC Albatross. Bell 47D Helicopter. Boeing SST, , mock-up, nose section.

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Boeing cockpit. Buel Autogyro, Cessna Cardinal. Christen Eagle, , aerobatic biplane. Curtis D Pusher, , replica. N97H, located at the Bud Field Hangar. Douglas A-4M Skyhawk cockpit.

Fairchild 22, Fairchild C8C, Gonzales Brothers Tractor Biplane, Hiller-copter XH, , replica in process. Hiller Hornet, , prototype. Hiller Ten99 Helicopter. Hiller Helicopter, , first stable helicopter. Hiller HB Raven Helicopter, Hiller UH-4 Commuter. Hiller VZ-1 Flying Platform, Hiller VXT-8 Coleopter, Irvin Aerocycloid, , replica. Link Trainer. Marriott Avitor Hermes Jr. Maupin-Lanteri Black Diamond, Montgomery Gull Glider, , replica.

Montgomery Santa Clara Glider, , replica. Montgomery Evergreen Glider, Nelson PG Hummingbird, , powered glider.. Paraplane PM-1 powered parachute. Pietenpol Aircamper, Quicksilver MX Ultralite on floats. Stanford Swift Hang Glider. Waco 10, Wright Flyer , replica. Navy, whereas the USAF concluded that the camouflage was effective.

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Naval Historical Center Photo. Ely performed the first take off from an aircraft carrier in in the East, but did not execute the landing at the time. Ellyson completed his training and became the first Navy flyer Naval Aviator No. Naval Aviation; all due to Glenn Curtiss. Fourteen U. The U. Navy experimented with aircraft camouflage and painted half of the aircraft of Attack Carrier Air Wing 15 CVW with dark green colours to blend in with the Vietnamese jungle.

The results proved inconclusive for the U. Navy, whereas the U. Air Force concluded that the camouflage was effective. Olson, USN Photo. Lockheed S-3 Viking BuNo. San Diego. CV , Reg. San Jose. NX, Ellsworth Getchell. The Wings of History Museum is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of antique aircraft as well as other aviation artifacts. Aeronca C-3, Alexander Primary Glider, , restoration project. Avro Avian, restoration project, in storage.

Beech Model 23 Musketeer, , four-place low-wing monoplane.


Bowlus Albatross, original glider, restoration project, in storage. Bowlus Super Albatross, glider, competition sailplane, one of only two built. Culver Cadet, restoration project, in storage. NC, built in , on loan from Bill Mette. Markse Pioneer II, , tailless glider. Nelson Dragonfly, powered glider. NG, on loan from Ken McBride. Penguin, , ground control trainer. Pietenpol Air Camper, , restoration project.

Pitts Special, acrobatic biplane. Rutan Quickie, , early composite homebuilt design. Security Airster S-1B, , restoration in progress. SimCopter, , homebuilt Simca car and rotorcraft. Stan Hall Cherokee II, , sailplane, in storage. Stan Hall Safari, , Volkswagen powered glider. Stinson 10A, restoration in progress.

Volmer Jensen VJ, , powered glider. Volmer Jensen VJ hang glider. Volmer Jensen VJE powered hang glider.

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Volmer Jensen VJW , ultra-light. Wright Flyer, , replica. San Martin. John Shupek Photo. Artillery and Army memorabilia displays. Aviation pioneer Glenn Martin first flew in Santa Ana in , flying a copy of a combination Wright and Curtiss pusher biplane. Santa Barbara.

N51PT, Jeff Pryor. Bowers Flybaby. Fleet Trainer. Great Lakes Trainer. Great Plains Sonerii II. Hughes H-1 Racer, replica. Hunt Special. Jensen Hang Glider.

Model II, Wright Glider, original. Santa Maria , city park static display. Boyd, Wellton, Arizona, Reg. NAR, mounted on a pylon. Sailplane, Monerai. Starduster, Reg. Univair D Ercoupe Serial No. Y ak-3, previously on display at the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica. General Yeremin and was part of the Central Russian AF museum at Monino, although it was loaned out to the Yakolev museum at some point.

Beech D17S Staggerwing. PG , Reg. Fairchild F Forwarder. Howard DGA ZLIN trainer. The aircraft preserved at the Pacific Coast Air Museum are listed on a separate web page on this website. Santa Rosa. David A. Goshimini Photo. N, Julia Vance. Artifacts include military uniforms, radio equipment, a Norden Bomb Sight; Medals and Patches, Echelons Class Books , Snap Roll Newsletters, hundreds of photographs and documents, and beautiful aviation art. There are several recreations of historic aircraft, ships, and a German Railroad cannon.

N, MFAM. N, MFAM, disassembled for parts, not displayable. Fokker Dr. Grumman C-1 Trader BuNo. Pietenpol Air Camper, Reg. Turner T Experimental, Reg. N, MFAM in museum hangar. NS, Wade Eagleton. Sierra Madre. N, aka Serial No. SAM , inside the museum. Beechcraft AT Kansan. Firebomber Tanker No. Boeing B Superfortress Serial No. Susanville Airport , static display. N26BK, H. Keck, Thermco Aviation. Thousand Oaks. NMB, Mike Brown. Torrance , Aero Way, The aircraft preserved with the Western Museum of Flight, are listed on a separate web page on this website.

N, Skyview Aviation. Convair TA Serial No. Fieseler Fi Storch Wk. Messeerschmitt Bf Taifun Wk. Vacaville, Nut Tree Airport. Douglas CA Serial No. NA, Richard Martin.