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Program: 1. Methodology for the development of tourism product: the catalog of greenways product and services around greenways. Participation at the European Catalogue. Best practices from the greenways Outdoor team partners 30 min Examples of greenways in different stages of development. How are they working to generate tourism product?

What are the results?

What works and […]. The Award ceremony was held in Namur Belgium. The European Greenways Award was created in and has been held every two years since. EGWA has been delighted to receive 21 candidacies from 9 different countries, and wishes to thank all the candidates for the quality of their work and the effort done to provide very helpful information to the jury. For the transformation of the 22 Km of an abandoned railway […]. Find out more here! Frederic Razee. Andreas Versmann. Bartlomiej Jesionkiewicz. Hildebrand P. Carmen Aycart, General Secretary and Ms. More information about velo-city can be found here!

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The day included sessions explaining how cycling tourism fits into the current political and economic agenda, ideas for new products for cycle tourists as well as presenting the transferrable outputs from the Demarrage project itself. Located at the meeting point of Switzerland, France and Germany, Basel was the perfect spot to mark the end of the successful Demarrage Project — a four-year investment in cross-border cycle tourism centred on the River Rhine. More informationhere. These events were followed by a weekend of cycling in and around the Basel region.

Up to 50 participants […]. Research work about GreenWays in Latvia Mr. Greenways and Environment Direction. The workshop is organised in the framework of the Greenways Product Project. Spain Attendance at the workshop is free of charge places are limited. EGWA was created in with the aim of spreading and promoting greenways in Europe and has developed so far numerous projects, co-financed by the European Commission and national partners. Currently 32 member organisations from 10 countries support EGWA: national, regional and local institutions, greenway managers and promoters, associations and foundations, public railways companies, etc.

Spain currently has 1, km of disused railway lines operating as more than 70 greenways. European countries are increasing their […]. Start discovering the Vennbahn, the wonderful transborder greenway from Germany Belgium and Luxemburg. Current tourism packages included in the catalogue offer greenways as a major offer either on their own or in combination with other cycle routes with shared traffic. But in all cases, all the products include greenways, and the offers are aimed at a large target of potential customers.

Best Practice Guide for Marketing and Communication of a greenways tourism product. The guide exposes in a very practical and operational way the top 10 tips for marketing and communication that should help lead to a successful promotion of a tourism product linked to greenways.

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General Conditions for Accessible Greenways: The brochure will help European greenway planners and managers to develop initiatives aimed at improving accessibility along their routes and making greenways an integrating element for the development of accessible tourism experiences and products. Best Practice Guide for accessible tourism on greenways, with recommendations on how to facilitate greenway usage by all types of user. Best praactices guide for greenway services, giving guidance on the necessary provisions for cyclists and people with disabilities, focusing on the facilities and accommodation nearby.

European Greenways Association. Comment on Facebook. European Greenways Association updated their cover photo. Mountains, railway heritage elements, the Brembo river, the UNESCO heritage city of Bergamo located really near…made of this trip an unforgettable experience. Load more. The Avenue Verte London-Paris is a project managed by the association for the promotion and development of the Avenue Verte London-Paris, of which the relevant French department county and local authorities located between Paris and the cross-Channel port of Dieppe are members.

Christine Moulin Christine. G fue fundada el 20 de julio de Our task is to increase the tourism value; Marketing and public relations, development of products and bookable offers, creation of a regional tourism strategy. Purpose of the organisation: Greenways Methodology Association GMA fosters operating Hungarian Greenways, supports their communication and professional work since It regularly organizes events and study trips aiming knowledge sharing in the field of eco-tourism, rural development and community building.

Greenways are built by grassroot actions of local communities that are connecting places of natural or cultural values, thus creating and signposting routes for non-motorized mobility. GMA leaders had been co-ordinating national and transnational Greenways activities of Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation between From they are contacting institutions, organizations and services in the region of Iron Curtain Trail. In the last 3 years GMA took part in 3 different projects in the region that grounded future development of EV13 bike tour, study trip and strategic planning.

The Council is interested in greenways as ways that people can enjoy their heritage through direct experience, that heritage infrastructures can be protected, and ecological corridors promoted. The Council offers advice to people starting up greenways projects in Ireland too and has funded small heritage routes under its local heritage grant schemes.

Raitis Sij? Association was established in by the initiators and coordinators of greenways projects. Greenways in Poland serve as innovative instruments for enhancing the quality of life and increasing economic and social benefits for indigenous communities through environmentally responsible tourism especially ecotourism and heritage tourism.

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Greenways are multifunctional trails for non-motorized users leading along linear green corridors, historic trade routes, rivers and railways. They seek to address needs of locals and visitors to provide a positive contribution to local economy. Contact details: Joao Marques. Town councillor, in charge of tourism development. English Basquetour is the public body, depending of the Basque government, in charge of tourism development and promotion in the Basque country. Contact details: Ms.

Elle a une distance de 14 km et traverse des zones de haute montagne. Targets Planning, managing and promoting the touristic development of the area, based on the creation of the Plazaola Greenway as the backbone of the touristic space where the Consorcio runs its activities. Managing the touristic ressources of the Consortium area. Controlling the optimal development of the maintenance operations needed for the creation of touristic services and infrastructures. Coordinating tourism-related proposals coming from the public and private sectors.

Collaborating with the public and private initiatives aiming at obtaining funds for financing activities or investments in the touristic sector. Contact person: Maitena Ezkutari.

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Moscas verdes, Las (Spanish Edition) [Saturnino Muniagurria] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Este libro ha sido convertido a formato. La mosca verde (Spanish Edition) eBook: Emilia Pardo Bazán: Kindle Store.

Spreading information about the cultural aspects and the socio-economic, environmental and urban integration benefits of the railway. Carrying out Studies and Projects for the improvement of the Greenways. Contact: Address: Pza. Sustrans Sustrans — the sustainable transport charity — works on practical projects to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport in order to reduce motor traffic and its adverse effects. Projects Sustrans runs a number of key projects that have real local impact — imaginative yet practical solutions to transport, environmental and health challenges.

More detail on these initiatives is given within the Projects section of this website. Since , the NCN has been extended from 8, to By this time, the number of trips on the NCN, including walking as well as cycling, was million. These crucial figures are a result of our Research and Monitoring Programme.

Liveable Neighbourhoods Our Liveable Neighbourhoods aims to transform residential, urban streets into social spaces where people can enjoy their environment. Safe Routes to Schools Our Safe Routes to Schools programme enables hundreds of thousands of children to walk or cycle to school, promoting their health and fitness. TravelSmart TravelSmart offers help and information to people looking to change how they travel. Our Research and Monitoring Unit is at the forefront of work in this highly specialist area. International To find the best ways to tackle the problems associated with increased road traffic, Sustrans collaborates with leading European cities and world-wide organisations.

Volunteer Programme Sustrans runs an award winning Volunteer Ranger programme — an essential component of our work. English Great Southern Trail Ireland is a Non-profit association, composed by more than members, that has as objective the development of Greenway along old Limerick — Tralee rail line.

The activity of LAG Polesine Delta Po is mainly devotes to the valorisation of environmental and landscape aspects of the rural areas of Polesine and of the Po delta, through specific interventions for the development of rural itineraries in connection with slow eco mobility paths, to promote a new form of environmental rural tourism. Belgium Email: els. Democracia, Head of Planning Service. Planning Service Officer. Sub-Directorate General of Mobility E.

Creation and transnational promotion of an outdoor tourism product linked to European Greenways. Greenways, for everyday journeys. Are you planning your next trip?

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Here you can find useful information to choose your greenway. CALL is now open!! Duration: 20 May - 22 May Duration: 5 March - 6 March Duration: 4 April - 5 April Duration: 25 January Duration: 28 November - 29 November Duration: 29 June - 30 June Duration: 28 June Duration: 6 June - 7 June Duration: 14 November Duration: 28 September Duration: 29 June Recent meeting in Brussels of the jury of the 8th European Greenways Award.

Duration: 21 June Duration: 19 October - 27 October Duration: 30 September Duration: 7 July Duration: 1 July - 31 December Duration: 11 April - 12 June Duration: 7 June Duration: 1 July - 2 July Duration: 16 October Duration: 24 September - 25 September Meeting in Brussels of the jury of the 7th European Greenways Award. Duration: 10 June - 12 June Want ideas to plan your next trip? Country: Ireland. Get ready for shaved faces and sideburns becoming cool again by saying goodbye to your beloved beard.

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Explanation: Mosca panteonera o muertera o mosca verde botella. Bilingual Book with text in Spanish and English. Scratching it only made it worse. Duration: 4 April - 5 April Social Media Facebook. Sustrans Sustrans — the sustainable transport charity — works on practical projects to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport in order to reduce motor traffic and its adverse effects. Planning Service Officer.

We use it to say that no one is free from trouble or guilt, that no one is really an exception. Again, Spaniards being politically correct. Notice how we like to make things difficult by saying exactly the opposite of what we mean. Were we not enough? We were already too many! Yes, another expression to complain about our bad luck. What have the poor sea breams done to us? An optimistic expression based solely on giving false hopes.

Do you really think that girl will agree to go on a date if the first two times you asked she said no? So… do Spanish speakers have tongue hair? Because, we imagine, having tongue hair is probably uncomfortable and an obstacle for words. Wherever you go. About Advertise with us. Trending Countries. South Africa. Costa Rica. Trending Cities. Mexico City.