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Neighborhood Bark-B-Q
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For Patrick, … all the world was the work of his Creator -God.

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Of the many legends surrounding Patrick, few can be authenticated. He did not chase the snakes out of Ireland. There is no way of knowing whether he used the shamrock to explain the Trinity. And after Patrick the Irish monks continued their work copying and illuminating the great works of the ancients and from their isolated rocky outpost they spread the gospel. And so during the dark centuries the Irish monks mission was to spread literacy and their gentle pantheistic version of Catholicism far and wide.

They taught and they crafted and created the magnificent beauty of the Irish Book of Kells and the many other codex they copied and illuminated. The monks spread their Christian good news and literacy as they spread out across Europe while the Byzantine Church hunkered down behind their walled cities in the east. It was the Irish who established Christian outposts across the European continent that saved literacy for much of western Civilization And then, like the Romans who had been over come by the Vandals, Ireland became a sitting duck for the Vikings.

In the 8th century monks in their rural monasteries and people on their scattered farms - even those on isolated island like Iona were no match for the fierce Nordic onslaught. However even though Ireland was sacked, its few riches and artworks carried off and its castles and churches destroyed, the influence of the Irish had already contributed to and changed cultures way beyond her rocky sea cliffs. By the 10th century only the unique and indomitable character of Irish people remained; hunkered down in the mountains and fields and moors they loved.

In the Irish, inspired by the success of the revolutions in America and France rose up themselves against their English overlords only to again be trounced heartily and annexed as part of the United Kingdom. The Catholic Church was outlawed. The Gaelic language was banned. Export trade was forbidden as Irish commerce and industry were deliberately destroyed.


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The laws were intended to degrade the Irish so severely that they would never again be in a position to seriously threaten Protestant rule. In , Protestants had owned just 10 percent of Ireland's land. By , Protestants owned 95 percent of the land. The Viking invasion and the subsequent invaders and the British determination to drive out any hopes of Irish return to independence had left the Irish people landless, powerless and impoverished.

The French sociologist, Gustave de Beaumont, visited Ireland in and wrote: "I have seen the Indian in his forests, and the Negro in his chains, and thought, as I contemplated their pitiable condition, that I saw the very extreme of human wretchedness; but I did not then know the condition of unfortunate Ireland In all countries, more or less, paupers may be discovered; but an entire nation of paupers is what was never seen until it was shown in Ireland. The Irish population had exploded to over 8 million people the population of Ireland in was just under 5 million!

Brought to the old world in the 16th century from the Andes in South America, the potato, a relative of the nightshade family had become accepted slowly throughout Europe but was readily adopted by the Irish where their cool moist climate and fertile soil proved ideal. Potatoes, rich in carbohydrates and vitamin C were able with a bit of cream or butter to provide a balanced diet and were more easily grown and a more nutritious and reliable crop than the grains common throughout Europe and England.

And since the invasion of Henry VIII whose soldiers and laws had made owning land all but impossible for the native Irish, the landless poor had subsisted almost entirely upon their potato crop. Planted in March and harvested in September harvested potatoes could be stored for most of the year.

The months of summer were the hardest while families waited for the new crops to ripen. Eating infected potatoes caused people and animals to sicken and even to die. The Immigration Timeline published by the Ellis Island Foundation reports that , Although many new immigrants came in pursuit of a dream, nearly all the Irish immigrants from the 's and 's came to escape a nightmare - a devastating famine back home.

As one immigrant recalled, "I saw the crop. I smelt the fearful stench…the death sign of each field of potatoes…the luxuriant stalks soon withered, the leaves decayed…" The Great Hunger would leave 1. Ireland would lose one quarter of its population. One of the resources I explored explained that would be as if the populations of California, Michigan, Illinois and New York were to simply disappear from the US.

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I believe we might learn from what happened both in Ireland and by what happened to the Irish people. No one could have imagined that a luxuriant and healthful crop like that of the Irish Potato could have been utterly destroyed in a just a few months, but that was exactly what happened. The Irish had become almost totally reliant upon a single crop and that crop as it turned out was highly vulnerable to a swiftly moving dreadful blight. A few Irish had, like so many other English and Europeans, always been ready for adventures to America and west, but it was in the middle of the nineteenth century that waves of Irish immigrants began to flood American and Canadian port cities.

But the Irish continued to come and to fill up the tenements and slums of New York and Boston and Philadelphia. The Irish took whatever work there was and in the industrial revolution there was labor to be done. Irishmen soon were the primary labor on the Erie canal and later it was the Irish who built the railroad and settled in out of the way places like Butte Montana to work the copper mines.

And so another gift of the Irish has been the enormous offering of hardworking smart, talented and feisty humanity - the gifts provided by their people to this society. Senator Ted Kennedy said that both his parents were the children of Irish immigrants forced to abandon their homes during the Great Hunger.

The list of influential Irish Americans is long and filled with singers and writers, performers politicians and pundits. Used to the harsh treatment of English overlords it was the Irish who often formed and supported American labor unions and were willing to run for political posts to assure themselves of fair treatment. And I propose that much of the good we seek originated with the Irish Saint Patrick and the culture his mission to that forlorn Island helped to create; that culture that through the centuries has influenced so much of what we deem to be good and worthwhile!

Let us close our time together with these words form Thomas Cahill: Perhaps history is always divided into Romans and Catholics— or, better, catholics. The Romans are the rich and powerful who run things their way and must always accrue more because they instinctively believe that there will never be enough to go around; the catholics, as their name implies , are universalists who instinctively believe that all humanity makes one family, that every human being is an equal child of God, and that God will provide.

The twenty-first century , …, will be spiritual or it will not be. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. Que sera, sera. I like knowing what is happening. When I see emergency lights on a corner I want to know what is going on. To be curious, to wonder what is ahead; what will happen next would seem to be natural. We want to be able to know what is coming next. We want to be ready, to be prepared.

We desire some means of controlling our lives by anticipating the future. Perhaps this curiosity is what made our ancient ancestors so adaptable - they, we humans have been particularly able to adapt to the environment and food supplies our human ancestors must have encountered as they migrated from their original homes in equatorial Africa to lands in the northern hemisphere; to areas where each year months of dark and ice, cold and snow made simply surviving the seasons an incredible challenge. And that tremendous desire to anticipate the future; to know and control whatever comes next, continues to dominate much of our human behavior.

Believe me that are more than a few people today whose curiosity extends into attempting to predict the future! In fact I expect that quite a few people will be this very day hoping that their hunches or calculations are correct, folks who have bet money on the outcome of the Super Bowl. And there are certainly ad buyers and advertising creators who have invested fortunes hoping that their 30 seconds will catch the eyes and ears of the nation.

However, even in this era when we are surrounded by access to more information than we can possibly absorb, no one can accurately predict the future-otherwise casinos would go broke and new age fortune tellers would scoff up all the lottery winnings. Still we may sometimes wish we could have a reliable way of foretelling our future and the futures of those we love! So on Monday when someone - or maybe many; weather people, the Good Morning America crowd, some of our Facebook friends remind us that Feb. On Monday we will hear whether Punxsutawney Phil or any of the several other regional versions of a named and monitored hibernating rodent--Did you know Texas has an armadillo predict the weather?

If Candlemas day be fair and bright, Winter will have another flight. If Candlemas day be shower and rain, Winter is gone and will not come again. Traditional other words if the ground hog sees his shadow the region is in for six more weeks of winter but if the light is foggy or hazy, rainy, and overcast so that there is no cast shadow then spring is right around the corner. Of course the reality is that spring will probably arrive just about on schedule!

Yet another suggestion is that the Christian church adapted a requirement from ancient Jewish law that declared that after the birth of a child a woman was unclean and required to stay away from the temple until 40 days had passed. And… 40 days after Christmas falls on - you guessed it - February 2. Just how pagan celebrations like the one on February 2 that originally honored the Celtic goddess Brighid evolved to become the Irish Catholic Feast of St.

Brigid held on the same date is not clear. But we know that adapting the Christian calendar to absorb pagan rites was very common. And many ancient cultures did mark February 2 as an important time. The Romans held the Lupercalia celebration on or around this date to honor the twin founders of their city Romulus and Remus. In Egypt this date falling halfway between the Winter Solstice and the vernal equinox was dedicated to the Goddess Nut.

It would seem that the English, the German, the Roman and the Irish - even the Christian adaptations, all celebrate this season as one that rejoices at the lengthening day; the growing of the light. In fact, by the 2nd of February it is obvious even to we who live blessed with electricity and central heating, that the hours of daylight are extending. We can even tell here in Idaho that the darkness is giving way.

And even more important, this date signals the beginning of the great mystery and power of the awakening of life. Even though winter will still linger for some weeks, now sunlight begins to find its way to signal the great awakening of life. With the melting of ice and snow sunlight signals deep into the soil teasing seeds to swell; beckoning roots to spread downward to grasp and absorb minerals. Stirring shoots to begin to unfurl through the dirt and gravel and soil and decay-- though perhaps for weeks still unseen, roots and shoots and fronds begin reaching ever so slowly but steadily toward the life-giving sunlight and air.

So Old Phil is what remains of an early American adaptation of ancient pagan practices where people watched the behavior of European hedgehogs - small non-rodents who like the groundhog hibernate during the coldest part of the winter watched their behavior for signals that winter was passing. However we often forget just how differently we live than our ancestors might have lived , only two or three hundred years ago. Then half way through the winter needed to be attended to.

Then people knew they would still need food and fuel to make it all the way through to when they could grow or forage for more. And food meant not only dried, salted and pickled -or somehow otherwise stored human foodstuffs but hay and grain for the animals they hoped would survive to bear their young when spring arrived.

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This is a sacred moment in time, for when cold weather begins to warm - it is the signal for the reawakening of the earth - an awakening that makes all the difference - for all life depends on this awakening! Awakening signals more than just a following of what we already know and think. I am sure I have told it here before Countless starfish had been washed high up onto the sand, and then were stranded there when the water receded.

As the grandfather is moved by the love of his grandson for the starfish, he reaches out and collects a few more starfish and carries them to the water. Observing this scene, more people pitch in to help, and before long, people up and down the beach are rescuing starfish and returning them to the sea.

This continues until the last starfish has been saved The boy learns that one act of kindness has great power, and that love multiplied can accomplish the impossible. This retelling of that still moving story comes from a blogger called Voice 13 found at www. We do not stand on the sidelines and observe the world like spectators at the game of living.

We all participate -- we have found the enemy - or the savior and my friends it - is us. Imbolc - Groundhog day can be a reminder that though here in our small city situated on these fertile high plains along the beautiful Snake River, we are comfy and safe in our UU community and we are also affected by the challenges affecting all life on this precious planet.

Perhaps even though we cannot see directly into the future - we can detect the shadow and the shadow we see tells us that time is growing short; that it is time we wake up! As individuals and collectively, perhaps now is the time for us to experience a personal awakening - perhaps now is the time to pause - to ponder, to realize our own place in the great family of all life-- to see the world with new eyes.

What is available to us is the full spectrum of who and what we are. What is required is nothing special, simply that we start paying attention and wake up to things as they are. All else will follow. Kabat-Zinn, Jon The Reverend. Fred Muir shares this story from the Rabbi Lawrence Kushner: "Jewish tradition says that the splitting of the Red Sea was the greatest miracle ever performed. It was so extraordinary that on that day even a common servant beheld more than all the miracles beheld by Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel combined.

And yet … one midrash midrash is a kind of traditional commentary on Jewish scripture and history anyway one midrash mentions two Israelites, Reuven and Shimon, who had a different experience. Reuven stepped into it and curled his lip. And because they never once looked up, they never understood why on the distant shore everyone else was singing songs of praise.

For Reuven and Shimon the miracle never happened. And this early January morning my question is… are you - are we sometimes so busy slogging though the muck of our day to day lives that we forget what an incredibly beautiful thing it is to be breathing? Do we even notice that with each breath we breathe our surprisingly clear air Idaho Falls air?!

Do we forget what a blessing it is to turn a faucet and have fresh clear water - cold and hot - the wonderful luxury of shower and tub? What it means to simply be? To be living - to be alive here and now on this magnificent planet. Do we sometimes forget our good fortune in being alive and in being the unique and wonderful individuals we are - Do we get so tangled up in the muddiness of our day -to day lives that we forget?

Do we forget the unique miracle that is each and every one of us? Do we get so caught up in planning and setting goals that we forget that the important thing might not be our destination - not where we are going but how much we pay attention to every moment of the journey and that we are going together! Well, one thing is sure -- we are NOT supposed to be here! But that certainly does not describe us. We are here - many of us every week. We feel this is where we belong - our Sunday connections- our time in worship raises up the images and ideas that help us cope with and celebrate our living.

And others tell me that they wished they could break free more regularly from the mud in their lives, because when they do make it to worship--When they make it to services on Sunday it just seems like their week - somehow feels better - that they feel more integrated - more satisfied and centered in their lives! So what is going on here? What are we? Well for all of we were celebrating the fact that our UU congregation - has been here for 60 years - this is the start of our We are trying to walk together in care and honesty and curiosity and companionship. We are working to become the kind of people we would want to belong with and associate with and want our children to associate with - open-minded, welcoming, kind compassionate, and reverent and reasonable - people who are able to laugh and question and disagree and sing and dance and to invest themselves in becoming a beloved community.

And for 60 years, sometimes with greater and sometimes with lesser success, that is what this little Unitarian Universalist congregation has been up to. Plonked down in this very politically and religiously conservative place - a place where some are convinced they alone already have all answers and are ready to close the doors on any who are not just like themselves, we are still opening doors and asking more and more questions, still learning from the wisdom of many sources, still open to change and learning from listening to one another.

We are still here -a community sometimes making mistakes and falling and failing and then picking up and moving on. And I suggest that we are here in part because we are not content to simply focus on the mud of our daily living. I suggest that you and I are aware that it sometimes would be easy to be like Shimon and Reuven --and easy to become so worried about the mud of everyday that we forget to look up; easy to neglect to recognize the wonders that surround us.

I suggest that together here we are fully aware of the limitations and struggles - the tedium and the tensions and fears that we each face. We are aware of the threats to our peace and security, and the future, but that we also know that the miraculous process of living is worth looking up and paying attention to the joys of the journey anyway.

I suggest that we are here because -- in spite of the mud and muck below our feet - we are willing to keep asking - and to keep changing and transforming as we go. And here we are. Each of us is beginning a new year and as a congregation we are together in beginning a new decade! We know that in site of all of our science and study and civilization we still have not conquered pain and illness and conflict - we still often forget to pay attention. Where did we all come from? And where in the world are we going? I was remembering that I had been working in my studio listening to the radio as the New Year millennium the year dawned in New Zeeland, Australia and all across the Indian Ocean and China.

I was expressing absolute astonishment that it is now 15 years later - and then I grew quiet remembering what a difference these past 15 years have made in my life, in the life of the nation, in the life of the world. I realized that I - we - could not possibly have imagined how very different everything would become…. But that is what each New Year each new day brings is it not -- difference, change, transformation, sometimes simply turning a page on a calendar makes all the difference! And it is a fear of that difference that sometimes paralyzes us keeps us from venturing forth - from doing the very things we dream of doing or of letting ourselves wonder about.

It is the fear of birthing and rebirthing ourselves that keeps so many of us from making commitments that might shape our selves anew, of making choices that might transform us from that place where our shape and form are trapped to - a richer life. From the view of the chick, it is a terrifying struggle. Confined and curled in a dark shell, half-formed, the chick eats all its food and stretches to the contours of its shell. It begins to feel hungry and cramped.

Eventually, the chick begins to starve and feels suffocated by the ever-shrinking space of its world. Finally, its own growth begins to crack the shell, and the world as the chick knows it is coming to an end. Its sky is falling. As the chick wriggles through the cracks, it begins to eat its shell.

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In that moment— growing but fragile, starving and cramped, its world breaking— the chick must feel like it is dying. Yet once everything it has relied on falls away, the chick is born. It doesn't die, but falls tumbles into the world. The lesson is profound. Transformation always involves the falling away of things we have relied on, and we are left with a feeling that the world as we know it is coming to an end, because it is.

Yet the chick offers us the wisdom that the way to be born while still alive is to eat our own shell. When faced with great change —in self, in relationship, in our sense of calling— we somehow must take in all that has enclosed us, nurtured us, incubated us, so when the new life is upon us, the old is within us.

Nepo, Mark And what about a congregation like ours? Are we like that too? Here on the cusp of our seventh decade we are doing great and we are discovering that our shell might be beginning to feel a little tight! Of course that does not mean we should stay locked in our tiny shell. Heavens no - if a chick did not dare to peck herself free - she would -- well, we know what would happen.

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But sometimes the fear of loss can prevent us from moving in any direction at all. I am reminded of the story of the merchant who was very fortunate in his buying and selling and once made quite a lot of profit and so he went to the exchange and came away with a single bar of gold. It represented his good fortune and afraid that it might be stolen or lost he went at night into his garden and near the well he dug a hole and buried the gold bar.

He was so worried about the gold that he neglected his business and he stopped chatting with his friends. He became a bit of a miser and a recluse. One day a clever thief came to town.. He noticed that each night the merchant took a lantern into his garden and that for many minutes the merchant sat beside the well. And so one night after the merchant had finally gone to bed the thief dug beside the well and stole the gold bar.

A Reader on Religious, Cultural, and Psychological Dimensions of Dreaming

Oh my, the merchant was devastated--inconsolable. In his sadness and desperation he finally told his neighbor what had happened. Why should I bury a stupid rock? Like the chick we need to be courageous enough to crack our shells to move beyond the safety of what we may be afraid to leave behind. This is the year and each day we are each investing ourselves in what we do -- we are investing our time and our courage and our lives- and we have the choice to get mired in the muck and mud - to worry about what we might lose or the opportunity with courage and compassion and good sense to recognize the miracle we are living everyday.

We can make the changes that will support our transformations and our lives! May we enter this day and this year and this decade remembering the words of Unitarian thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson. I guess you might have noticed that I am wearing my "Standing on the Side of Love" shirt this morning -- I decided to do this after I heard that the Rev. Meg Riley of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, our UU church for people who do not have a congregation nearby -- originally it was a church by mail and now it is largely a UU congregation that gets together online. Well Meg Riley calls her Yellow Shirt her "work shirt.

When I heard that I thought, "She's right. Much as I really don't like this school bus yellow - this shirt really is my work shirt too. The last time I wore this shirt I was at General Assembly -- It was Saturday, June 28 the first evening of Ramadan by the way and I was in Providence, Rhode Island with nearly Unitarian Universalist friends - other UU's from all over - and after our evening worship service we walked together through downtown Providence following our denomination's President the Rev.

Peter Morales and other UU representatives. They carried a flaming torch to light the first of the pyres in the Providence River for that evening's "Water Fires" ceremony. And a great many of us many of us were wearing these bright Standing on the Side of Love? Some people are pretty uncomfortable with that phrase -- that slogan "Standing on the Side of Love! So often "Love" is seen as a kind of wimpy-- a feminine term; it might be easier to wear the old nice blue shirts that say something like, "Plant Justice.

Harvest Peace" after all that is a sentence that makes sense. What does a bright yellow shirt that says "Standing on the Side of Love" actually mean? And then there is that word "Love" -- in reality; Talking about "Love. Just like some people were probably uncomfortable with the theme of this year's General Assembly - "Love Reaches Out. Yes, indeed a good many people - maybe most of us even feel a little squirmy - uncomfortable talking about - using the word "love" - Love -- is - well both personal and ubiquitous -- I mean we all know that in our language that one word "love" can mean so many things - familial love for sisters and brthers, children, parents.

Love can be used to describe devotion to our country or the way we feel about our favorite foods, our hobbies or our pets, and it can mean romantic love and we all know that when you make "love" it means "sex. The word Love is used by advertisers all the time! Love is so often used and abused that sometimes "love" seems to almost have become -- well almost meaningless. After all some of us lived through the hippie era as part of the "love generation. But, even thinking about nearly people attending a convention called "Love Reaches Out" with many of us wearing school bus yellow shirts that say "Standing on the Side of Love" -- well for some people this is just too -- too naive -too touchy feely -- too soft - too??

I was angry that injustice existed and I felt hatred for people who perpetuated it. And you know what? Acting from that place was toxic. It left me feeling empty and hopeless. So I found another way-a path grounded in faith and paved with love. Now my passion for a better world is fueled by the flames of love. Love for all life. A desire for all beings to thrive. And it fills me with purpose and hope. Love is what makes me a person of faith. When people meet me, I want them to feel that love and sense that I am someone different. That I am a "love person. I don't have to like someone to love them.

I don't have to see eye-to-eye with someone to wish the best for them. It is hard work to access compassionate, unconditional love for people I struggle with and I don't always succeed! If every single person believed in, as the great Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. There could be no inequality. There could be no inhuman treatment. Ebooks

That's what makes love the greatest justice cause and the greatest spiritual imperative of our time. And that my friends is why I am wearing my work shirt this morning-- because this "Standing on the Side of Love" is my work - our work and "love is the greatest justice cause and the greatest spiritual imperative of our time. And a spirituality of "love" does not only sit quietly and seek safety -- a spirituality of love is present everywhere we go and whatever we do. And whether we come here to seek spiritual nourishment in worship or sit in silence in our homes or our chapels or our temples or dojos, whether we walk on a beach or hike into the deep quiet of forest wilderness or climb our neighboring magnificent Grand - "Love" is still the greatest spiritual imperative of our time.

And love call us on - calls us this week to mourn the loss of so many lives in Ukraine, those who died as the result of a rocket hitting their commercial plane and those who suffer from horrific sectarian violence. Love calls us to mourn the deaths and violence in Gaza and Israel's West Bank. Love calls us together to mourn the loss as we celebrate the lives of our dear congregation friends; Lloyd Pickett and John Long Senior.

John Long an early member of this UU church died just this past week. Love calls those of us who cook and serve the meal yesterday at the Soup Kitchen every third weekend and will do so again today. Love called Dan Henry and those others who stood up for compassionate care for the many immigrant children who need Americans to champion them as they seek asylum here having fled violence and unspeakable fear and poverty. I spent time just last week with my three little nephews in Indiana; Aiden, Joe and Eli like my own grandsons and all the children, the infants and teens we know and those we do not know personally deserve a decent world in which to live their lives.

We are called to Stand on the Side of Love and help to provide safe future for them. Alex Kapitan was right this kind of love is not wishy washy, not lightweight and not simply being angry. Facing this world requires a strongly rooted love. This kind of love requires deep commitment and dedication. I agree with Alex, "Love is the greatest justice cause and the greatest spiritual imperative of our time.

Love gives. Love offers itself. Love says "here, take more," when you try to mooch a little bit from the side secretly. Love generates more love the way spam email generates more spam email. The way eating one pistachio leads to eating another pistachio. Love always says more, more, more. That's why we aspire to stand on the side of love.

Because we've all-- well I'll speak for myself. I've broken my vows a 1, times. Over and over I've let fear lead to control, lead to clutching. A grip so fierce that love couldn't break in with a crowbar. I've been afraid of how I'll look, who I'll hurt, what mistakes I will make, and who will simply roll their eyes, shake their head, and walk away. Love reaches out, but too often in the privacy of our fear, we dodge and escape its reach. But what if we didn't? What difference would it make if we let love catch us? What would we do if we dared to believe in love's power to heal and to transform and to save?

What if we believed that Unitarian Universalism could save us? I will say something out loud that I'm often too shy to say. Unitarian Universalism saved me. It did, and it does, and it continues to save me every day. We spend so much time focused on what's wrong, on our inadequacies. We are so hard on ourselves and each other. A bike path skirts the beach for miles in either direction. And Addition Travel Information My guests have long had to go all the way over to Hermosa Beach to rent bikes, which pained me.

For your convenience, I have two new bikes available to rent at below the cost of renting locally - so you enjoy higher quality at lower cost. Let me know if you'd like to reserve them and for when. The Municipal Area Express has three different lines. For more information, please visit the Municipal Area Express homepage. If you tell them your departure location and your desired arrival destination, MTA will come up with a schedule that works for you. This is the quintessential California.

A treasured chapter in your life if you choose it. Treat yourself, enrich your life, enliven your spirit, and fill your heart and your soul The lively downtown area of Manhattan Beach is a minute walk to the South. Just a few blocks to some of the best restaurants and bars in Los Angeles. Numerous places are on Jonathan Gold's top list. There is a little aquarium and a cafe at the end of the pier.

The neighborhood is quite safe. I moved here in part so I wouldn't have any worry about my parents visiting. Unlike Santa Monica and Venice, I feel safe and secure walking around at any hour. Excellent yoga studios like Yoga Loft - which has an ocean view - are a short walk. Hot yoga is available at Haute Yogi. Manhattan Beach is a beach volleyball Mecca. Secret Surfer Beach Pad. Keurig, fridge, toaster, netflix, amazon. Own Bath. By Wholefoods, Starbucks. Ask about stand alone bungalow. Early bag drop off, ok.

Please feel at home here! You will have own bath. Feel free to have tv and bluetooth speaker at a comfortable volume. My house is quiet, and cozy and in safe neighborhood across from police department. I am clean and NEAT, clutter free. Laundry is available on site. Please note: the room is close to the street so if you're a light sleeper, you may hear light traffic, and the seals chatting on the pier. I'm ok with hosting a couple but note that the bath is outside the room. I stay to myself pretty much so it's quiet but kitchen is shared - like to cook? Let me know if you're up for dinner parties - I like to order cooking kits and it's fun to share with guests!

Please note I just adopted a small 7 lb puppy who stays with me at all times. She doesn't shed and doesn't bark. A safe neighborhood, it's just two blocks to a Whole Foods Market, and close to several coffee shops and a library. Redondo Pier is nearby as well, while Hermosa Beach is only a short drive away. The airport can be reached in 20 minutes. Whether vacationing in LA or staying for a short layover, this shared house 3 private bedrooms with one shared bathroom home provides a comfortable and stylish space.

Bask in the sun in the communal patio outside, lounge on the plush furniture, and sink into bed in a private room at the end of the day. Situated in a quiet and safe neighborhood, it is a short walk to a beautiful walking trail past Holly Glen Park. Manhattan beach is just a short drive away as well as many of LA's fantastic restaurants and bars making it easy to enjoy the city. Wake up in a quiet, comfortable space a little over a block from the beach.

Ride a bicycle along the path, or take a stroll and breathe in the sea air. After watching the sunset, get ready to enjoy a night out in downtown Hermosa Beach. Private 1 bedroom with private access in a great location! The furnished room has a queen bed, private modern bathroom and private patio area. This beach community neighborhood is safe, quiet, and extremely friendly. The location is walking distance to many shops, restaurants, entertainment, and the beach, of course.

Home Away from Home in Hermosa Beach. Show all. Popular homes. A small back studio that opens to a lush garden, patio set, couch, and serene lighting.


Modern bathroom, slate rain shower, stocked with essentials. A comfortable queen bed with a down comforter and quality linens. You also have a mini fridge, microwave, and coffee station. It is just less than a mile to the beach and you can walk to many stores and restaurants within a few minutes. Redondo Beach is a destination area and this particular neighborhood is fantastic. From meticulously landscaped homes, a beach breeze, families and dogs, the area is filled with life. Although the neighborhood is residential, the entire block on which the house sits is commercial with a flooring shop on one side and a high end car lot next door which doesn't have any foot traffic.

The famous Pacific Coast Hwy is one block west so while there is some movement around in the day, nights are relatively tame. Petite Boutique. You will be amazed and delighted in staying at the best value of any condo in Hermosa Beach. Boasting over square feet, this 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo is just 1 block to the sand. You will have two on-site parking spaces. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to cook and dine with, such as, pots, pans, utensils, cups, wine glasses, blender, coffee maker, pot holders, corkscrews, etc.

Even a panini maker. All the comforts of home. Newly remodeled, 1 block to Beach. Studio quest cottage with real double bed, kitchenette, mini fridge and a courtyard entrance. About 15 minutes to the beach on foot. Also has ceilings fans on warm summer nights and exhaust fan. The studio is ideal for one person or a couple. If there are 2 people staying, no overnight guests please. The space is compact but has the necessities you'll need for a month long stay. The kitchenette is stocked with plates, utensils, pots, pans, glassware has a small fridge, stove with 4 working burners, but the oven does not work coffee maker.

Wifi included. There is no air conditioner but has 2 ceiling fans. Its a mixed neighborhood - residences, on one side, small businesses on the other. This is a beach community, so we do have people having parties on their decks every once in a while. During the holidays - especially the long weekends, street parking can be a little challenging but there will always be space somewhere. Hermosa Studio. Modern one bedroom apartment comfortably sleeps 4. Short walk to beach. Beach gear, parking pass - enjoy your vacation with us!

This is the location you want in Hermosa Beach. Close to the Strand, Pier, beach, restaurants, everything to make your vacation the best! It's a great area, you won't be disappointed! Full kitchen, including stove and oven, fridge, microwave, coffee maker. Very large bedroom with super comfortable queen bed and plenty of closet space to tuck away your suitcases. Living room has a couch that pulls out to sleep another 2 adults or kids. Youtube and Pandora also available. Street parking pass for one car included so you do not have to pay meters! Beach chairs, a cooler, beach towels provided.

Modern Beach Apartment steps to sand! Right on Pier Avenue in the heart of downtown Hermosa Beach, you're steps from the beach, restaurants, shopping and everything happening in Hermosa. Private Garage Parking! A Walkers Paradise with all the essentials for your beach trip. The location is second to none, literally in the heart of downtown Hermosa Beach. You can enjoy walking to the beach, restaurants, and crawling home from bars. The area can get rowdy on Friday and Saturday nights as we are a stone throw to several restaurants and bars. There is a queen bed in the bedroom and small sectional couch in the living room that can sleep 1 if need be.

The house was originally built in the s so please forgive any dated finishes. Located in the Heart of Hermosa Beach. Bike, skate, surf, boogie board, volleyball, etc The Suite has many Amenities. We try to think of everything you might need. If we missed something let us know. We provide many amenities. Perfect location to read, meditate, nap, etc.. All the necessities for a beachfront getaway are within a few steps of the front door. Hermosa Beach is known for surfing, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes within walking distance and close to Hermosa Beach Pier.

Some of the things which make us popular with guests include our location on the beach, the fact that we are the safest hostel in Los Angeles, the bars, nightclubs, restaurants within walking distance, supermarkets and cinemas and much more. And the fact that we are right in front of the beach! Surf City Hostel '4 Bed Dorm'. This is a spacious cape cod style home with a beach theme. We have 2 cats that are indoor only Mr.

Contact me after booking for pricing. Your room has a mid century theme. The majority of the furniture is by the American designer, Adrian Pearsall, from the iconic "Atomic Age". The neighbor hood is extremely safe and pretty quiet. It gets a little more upbeat about half a mile closer to the beach. Gorgeous Beach House just 1 mile from the Ocean! This is a private room and attached bathroom in a brand new house, with three separate outdoor patios, spectacular panoramic view, w firepit.

This is a newly built, three story house, with three outdoor patio areas. The upper deck has spectacular panoramic ocean views and firepit. We are about 20 houses from the sand, 4 blocks from Hermosa beach pier, with restaurants, bars… Nightlife. We are about two hours to sea world, and Mexican border. One room available in unit that is 5 mins from the beach. Come visit beautiful Hermosa Beach. Open home with open arms :. This a shared space unit in wonderful city of Hermosa Beach.

Private Room by Beach. Imagine yourself two blocks from the sand in beautiful Hermosa Beach California, the best beach town in all of California. Three bedroom two bath with an amazing rooftop deck with sweeping views from Malibu to Catalina Island. Garage spot included with washer and dryer. Two beach cruiser bikes also included to cruise around town. Halfway between the Manhattan Beach walk to shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Could not be in a better spot in the beautiful South Bay! Upstairs unit of a split house please be respectful to downstairs neighbors.

The neighborhood is amazing with great markets, shops, bars, and restaurants including a couple around the corner. Our boutique extended stay lodging offers modern, hip, and luxurious suites that are located steps away from the Strand and lively pier of Hermosa Beach. Each suite comes with free wi-fi, cable, big screen televisions, and Starbucks coffee. Are you looking for a stress-free and relaxful escape?

Our Serenity Suite offers a chic and beach-styled white decor throughout the studio, bathroom, and kitchenette. Book your stay today and wake up tomorrow to the sunshine and beauty of Hermosa Beach. Surf Side Suites are a few steps away from the beach, entertainment, restaurants, and the local bars. Serenity Suite Steps away from the beach But would he turn out to be her savior or something else, something much more dangerous? Maggie Thrasher is looking for a man, not to love but to kill. Duty to her pride and loyalty to her family demands it. Joshua Volk has betrayed pride, pack and clan.

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A sarcastic vampire, his werewolf best buddy, an undercover angel and his succubus squeeze. The Blood like Wine by Sarah A. Hoyt Free. Sylvie would do anything not to be poor ever again. Unfortunately, at the time of the French revolution, wealth might cost her her life, or at least her soul.

Something Worse Hereafter by Sarah A. Dying is easy. Catrina finds herself in hell, fighting demons for her sustenance and only solving the riddle of her half-remembered past existence will allow her to escape. Ratskiller King of Cats by Robert A. And lots of it. And now for the more — with an apology because WordPress is being its usual uncooperative self and the plug-in needed to make this work the way it is supposed to is refusing to install properly.

There is a new podcast out there. You can find the podcast here. I promise as soon as I can get the plugin working properly to have the podcasts onboard here. In the meantime, go take a look at the WrongFun site. I attended a panel last weekend at Millennicon.

I only jotted a few notes during the panel, but there were some interesting thoughts that I will use to springboard into my take on this. In the comments, I fully expect to hear from you all that you disagree, and why.

Or not. Drake started it off with his definition of Hard SF. I consider what I write to be adventure science fiction, he told the audience. But if he had to define Hard SF, it would be: science fiction written by engineers, not scientists. The First Reader and I talked about this later. In his day job, he works with both. An engineer, he pointed out to me, will build by rule of thumb, It just needs to work. A scientist wants to know why it works, and can get hung up on some odd quirk of the machine rather than just accepting it works and moving on to what comes next.

Indeed, given those questions and applying one or more to any aspect of technology could quickly generate some very interesting fiction, and some of it would most likely be Hard SF. A hundred years ago, science flatly proclaimed impossible matters that are now daily feats. So far, we have established at least a nebulous idea of what hard science fiction may be.

Indeed, as one audience member held up their cell phone and pointed out that it was a Star Trek communicator, we do use science fiction made fact every day.