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It is our goal to create a school where the academic progress and welfare of every child matters — "success with care". We want to ensure that a young person's learning needs are met, and where there are barriers to learning and academic progress, school will co-ordinate appropriate early intervention to reduce or help a student overcome these barriers.

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Success will be measured by appropriate annual targets including progress, achievement, attainment, attendance and punctuality. Along with achieving academic progress, the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of every student in our school matters. The vertical house system is designed to give adults at every level in school a number of students for whom they are responsible for in terms of welfare and academic progress.

It might help schools to offer a wider range of subjects for example and allow students to be streamed according to their ability. The idea of vertical teaching has its roots in the vertical tutoring system which is where a pastoral tutor group being made up of 30 pupils from one year it is instead made up of a smaller amount of pupils from across years 7, 8, 9, 10 and One reason why many schools are looking at vertical teaching is because it can allow some students to take GCSEs one year early, so teaching year 9 and year 10 pupils together.

Some schools like this as they feel it takes the pressure off year 11 and gives more time for exams, and of course retakes too. The scheme can have an added knock-on benefit in that older pupils peer mentor the younger ones and younger pupils bring to the party more enthusiasm and energy. It helps to create friendship bonds across the years rather than just leaving pupils to feel that they only belong to their year and are not members of the whole school.

Vertical Tutoring

Reply Really pleased to read this. Relationships became so strained that we even considered, all be it briefly, discontinuing with student council at all. For multi-age organisations to succeed, schools which include all Board members must ensure that all learning relationships are functional and interconnected, enabling information to flow and support learning and interventions. Clearly there was work to do at school and at home in order to win over hearts and minds to the new idea. But a mixed age group seems to dilute the worst in each age group. Post-quake rebuild of school pool brings community together. My job is a privilege and I love it.

Lessons also don't have to be differentiated to such a degree as the group is working at the same level allowing for greater pace and time to concentrate on more detail. Lots of pupils are initially very reluctant to do this as they are worried they won't be with their friendship group anymore.

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But most schools that bring in a system of vertical teaching experience a fast and positive turnaround in their pupils when they realise the benefits. It needs to be a whole school change and experts say you need to get teachers, staff and parents on side before making the change.

Building stronger learning relationship across the school

Then everyone is working to the same goal. Parents can also be worried, especially if their children are the older ones in the class, that the lessons would be taught to be bottom and not to the top. Peter Barnard, author of Vertical Tutoring VT , former head teacher and founder of website verticaltutoring.

Vertical Tutoring: The Life Of A Deputy Headteacher

The Privacy Policy for this site can be viewed by clicking here. This mindmap shows a bit of where I think I am currently, and some ideas about where I would like to go more below too Due to me feeling so passionately about this area of my work, at the start of this new year I wanted to invigorate my work with my tutor group; to engage them even more with new activities and even more engagement. Garde Ta Foy although perhaps not so pompous as that! Search Search.


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The definitive systems guide to vertical tutoring. Barnard, P. A. Socially collaborative schools: the heretic's guide to mixed-age tutor groups, system design and. vertical tutoring, BuzzWord by Macmillan Dictionary. Find the latest, popular new words in English.