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Multiplying fractions word problem: pumpkin pie

It starts with the inverse tangent function. No, you can't just plug it into your calculator and get Pi—that assumes you already know Pi. Instead, we need to do a Taylor Series expansion of the inverse tangent. The basic idea behind the Taylor Series is that any function sort of looks like a power series if you just focus on one part of that function.

Using this, I can represent the inverse tangent of some value x as an infinite series:. That's it. Now you can just plug away at this formula for as long as you like—or you could have a computer do it.

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Bake as directed in desired pie recipe. For me, the problem is that we like to think of numbers as real countable things. Now replace the sphere with the diameter of the observable universe at 93 billion light years yes, I know this is bigger than 13 billion light years—it's complicated. There are many approximations for Pi If you have a circle, you can measure two things: the distance around the perimeter of the circle circumference and the distance across the widest part of the circle diameter. Regulators say the Trusted Data Sharing Framework aims to resolve challenges companies face in sharing data assets, including the need to ensure regulatory compliance as well as

Here is a program that calculates the first 10, terms in the series just press play to run it :. See, that's not so difficult for a computer. However, you can see that even after 10, terms the calculated value is still different than the accepted value. This isn't the best series to calculate Pi—but I said that earlier. This is my favorite Pi activity.

Here is the idea.

Generate pairs of random numbers between 0 and 1 to create random x,y coordinates. Plot these points on a 1 by 1 grid and calculate their distance to the origin. Some of these will have a origin distance less than 1 and some will be greater than 1. The points with a distance of less than one are "inside a circle"—actually it's a quarter of a circle. You really should play around with this because it's fun. Try changing the number of points or something like that.

I included a "rate " statement so you can see the points being added.

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Oh, run it more than once—each time you get a different result because of the random part. Get out your calculator. Use 9. Now try this:. That's pretty close to the accepted value of Pi—and it's not a coincidence.

It comes from the original version of the meter as a unit of length. One way to define a meter is to create a pendulum that takes 1 second to make one swing or 2 seconds for the period.


If you remember, there is a relationship between period and length for a pendulum with a small oscillation amplitude :. Put in 1 meter for the length and 2 seconds for the period and boom —there is your connection.

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Here is a more detailed explanation. If you don't think that equation is crazy and awesome, then you aren't paying attention. It makes a relationship between these five numbers:. But why does this equation work? That's not such a simple answer.

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Of course, you could use Euler's formula for exponentials:. However, that is sort of like explaining magic with more magic. For me, the problem is that we like to think of numbers as real countable things.

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Sorry, my brain isn't working. And if you were to add all of these together, how many fifths do you have? How many fifths do you have? Well, you have 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 2.

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Let's see, that's five. Plus 2, plus 2. You have 2, seven times, fifths. Or this is another way of saying you have 7 times-- let me write it this way-- you have 2 times 7 fifths. This is well over more than 1. So this is what he should have done. And that would be equal to 2 times 7 in the numerator, which is And the denominator would be 5 times 1, which is equal to 5. And you would get the same answer.

So now let's actually go back and select the right choice. I forgot that we actually had to say which explanation is the right explanation. So explanation 1 is that Ken didn't multiply correctly. This is exactly right. This is exactly what we just went through. So explanation A seems to be the right one, but we'll just read the other ones just to see if there's some flaws in them.

Explanation B, Ken multiplied correctly but forgot to cancel out the 7's in the fractions. So this is kind of nutty. No, that makes no sense. He should be multiplying. Ken is correct. His friends just didn't each that much pie.

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No, that doesn't make sense either. It's explanation A. Multiply fractions word problems.

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